How to Buy a Minivan

2015 Minivan

The minivan has been sliding in recent years with the increased popularity of SUVs and the rise of the crossover. Still, there’s a good market for them. As a result, there’s a need for someone to give advice. For this, we look to

In their KickingTires section, the give the type of advice that consumers need to know. You shouldn’t take for granted that every minivan is going to have everything that you need. For example, latch and anchor tethers are important components of any vehicle for parents of small children. One would think that there are plenty in minivans, but not all of them have enough for families with multiple children.

It’s a good read. Here’s a snippet:

Since your minivan will be carrying your most precious cargo, plenty of safety features and top safety scores are a must for parents. But the family truckster also has to make the kids happy, with enough creature comforts to ease the drive (read: keep them quiet).

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