Jalopnik: Best Thing In the Automotive World, 2014

Car Connections

As part of their “Question of the Day”, Jalopnik asked what readers thought the best thing to happen in the automotive world was for 2014. The answers from the readers were pretty strong, but one thing that wasn’t discussed enough was connectivity.

I know it’s not exciting. I know it doesn’t represent the power of the SRT Hellcat, the return to glory for Cadillac, or even the dramatic drop in gas prices, but connectivity has made cars smarter than ever before. That’s easy to say considering the progress that technology makes, but 2014 saw a sharp increase. We might carry smartphones in our pocket, but cars released in 2014 make it seem like we’re inside out smartphones with all of the innovations around apps, internet access, and digital attachment to the cars.


The ATS-V could be one of the better M3/M4 competitors around, and I think the CTS-V has a legitimate shot at being the best car in its segment. Even if you’re some kind of die-hard American car hater, it’s hard not to be excited by these machines.

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