2015 Audi Q7: A Superb Luxury SUV

2015 Audi Q7

In the world where Luxury SUV’s have to continually outdo each other, the Audi Q7 shows off some amazing exterior styling as well as awesome Audi performance. The Q7 delivers where many luxury SUV’s fail, giving a true and industry leading quattro all-wheel drive that has become a signature part of Audi vehicles for many years. Adding to this seven-passenger SUV’s awesome looks and leading performance two engines are offered that carry this big Audi proudly and professionally down any street giving any owner plenty of great personality and an amazing driving experience on or off the road.

With the seven passenger seating this is the Audi to move to for any Audi lover when they have outgrown the A4 or A6. Although it has the additional seating needed, the A7 does not offer a great deal of cargo space behind the third row of seating, which is certainly a consideration to think about before purchasing this vehicle. For those who love the A7, Audi has added two new exterior styling packages for 2015, an Offroad Style Plus package and a Sporty Style Plus package both designed to emphasize different desirable features of this large SUV.

Driving in the Q7 is a ride that is very smooth and enjoyable, not something always found in the larger SUVs. With the advanced all-wheel drive system and the air suspension in place, this SUV drives much more like a sedan than a lumbering SUV. With plentiful power from the engine compartment, the Q7 offers a deft steering to help partner with the suspension giving any driver the full confidence in the SUV to make any pass on the highway or to simply navigate a series of curves on or off the road. Being a luxury model, the Q7 offers a very quiet cabin, as expected, and helps occupants enjoy the ride ahead of them in this awesome vehicle.

Two engines with three setups are available on the Q7. All engine setups are partnered with a very impressive eight-speed automatic transmission that helps the quattro all-wheel drive perform its very best. The first engine setup is a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that offers up to 280 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine when paired with the transmission offers a fuel efficiency of 16 city/22 hwy mpg for owners to enjoy.

The second setup is found in the S-model of the Q7 and is an even more supercharged version of the base engine. This comes in with 333 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft. of torque. The amazing feature of this engine is that even with this added power the vehicle does not lose any fuel efficiency over the base model, making this the choice for any Q7 owner who is a bit power hungry.

The other engine offered for the Q7 is a 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel V6 engine that offers only 240 horsepower but 406 lb.-ft. of torque. This allows the vehicle to enjoy some additional fuel efficiency which comes in at 19 city/28 hwy mpg when paired with the transmission.

As expected, the interior of the Q7 offers a great deal of comfort and enjoyment to take advantage of. The vehicle is laden with soft and supple leather upholstery and trim that is made of dark brown walnut and metals that just look amazing together. All control features are easy to understand and give all occupants top of the line features to take full advantage of while on the road. The first and second rows offer plentiful space, but the third row is a bit cramped and the cargo space behind the third row is very small. Even though the back end space is very small, the second and third rows fold down to offer up to 28 different cargo combinations for any owner to carry a variety of cargo with them.

Signature grill styling adorns the front of the Q7 giving it the start of a very luxurious feel. With a large silhouette and a presence that demands attention, the Q7 makes a statement in any driveway or on the road. With the addition of the two added trims, the Q7 offers a variety of looks that add interesting features such as skidplates or a European styling.

As for standard equipment, the Q7 offers a great deal of great features. This list includes leather seats, rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate controls, Bluetooth connectivity, the Audi Multimedia Interface, a power liftgate, quattro all-wheel drive, electronic stability control with roll-over mitigation and a full array of airbags which includes a side-curtain airbag. With this great list of features any owner can be sure their occupants will enjoy the ride with plenty of ability to stay connected to their various networks as well as being able to enjoy the peace of mind knowing there are a great deal of high end safety features aboard.

The Q7 being a luxury SUV, offers a great deal of excellent optional features as well. This list includes a navigation system, a high-end audio system, a three-panel panoramic sunroof, the adaptive air suspension and a long list of additional features to really create the Audi SUV that anyone could dream of driving. By adding these excellent features to the Q7, the ride can be improved with more comfort as well as the addition of technology and sound to create a full oasis of pleasure on and off the road in the Q7.

Many luxury automakers offer their vehicles with a large price range and the Q7 is no different. Starting at a base price around $49,000 which seems reasonable, or even $54,000 for the diesel engine, the Q7 can be somewhat affordable. Moving to the S-model bring the price to the $62,500 range and adding any options will really increase the price which can top out around $80,000 giving this vehicle a very large price range. Regardless of the Q7 chosen, the owner and any passengers that ride along will know they are being pampered in luxury every time they step inside this awesome SUV.

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