Something New to Look Forward to from BMW

BMW i-Series

BMW has introduced us to the i-Series of vehicle in the past couple year giving us cars that are built to be electric-hybrid vehicles that destroy the old ideal that a hybrid vehicle could not be a high performance machine. Of course Porsche already did this with the 918 Spyder, but at nearly $1M for the Porsche and only one version to select, BMW chose to create a lineup of these types of cars by giving us the i-3 and i-8 to whet our whistles and begin the imagination moving regarding what these cars can actually become.

For the 2016 model year, BMW has announced plans to create the next version of the i-Series of cars which will come in the form of the i-9. The i-9 is being built to be a super high performing exotic super car that looks like it belongs in the distant future instead of on the road in the year 2016. Because most of the competition for BMW has not begun to offer these high performing hybrid vehicles as production models, BMW already has a leg up in this arena and the i-9 could simply be considered the icing on the cake of an already impressive and unprecedented line of vehicles.

The i-9 is expected to be powered by a 3.0-liter 400 horsepower engine along with an all-wheel drive system with a KERS system to regenerate power through the braking and give the front wheels 20-30 percent of the total power output without using any gasoline. With this system using a similar SH power system as the Acura NSX which places more power to the outside wheel as well as over rotating to assist with traction the skid pad stats will outperform many cars which are built to drift into ditches and enjoy drifting along curving and winding roads.

Many of the body panels are being built by infusing a plastic resin with carbon fiber to create lighter and easier to produce parts. With some smaller automakers such as Tesla picking up steam and aiming at BMW and others, BMW has created the lineup of i-Series vehicles as a response to the calling for cars that are hybrid powered and able to offer exceptional power, performance and capabilities during any drive. The technology being used to build these supercars and all cars in the i-Series from BMW will eventually find their way into the mainstream models once a more affordable means of manufacturing them is discovered.

Even with the i-9 being a car that only the super-rich will be able to afford, many of us can watch in wonder and enjoy the sheer obscene performance numbers it will put out for all of us to discuss. With the technology aboard being able to carry forward to the M-Series in years to come and then into the mainstream models we all fully enjoy. Until that time comes, we can marvel at what the high-performance offered by these marvelous vehicles is being built by BMW.

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