eBay Motors has Buyers. Where are the Dealers?

eBay Motors

There are few websites that helped change the way vehicles were sold as much as eBay Motors. While goods and services were often sold online very easily 10-15 years ago, the car business was one that stayed in the brick and mortar world for as long as possible. Great strides have been made, but there’s still room for improvement.

With over 5 million vehicles sold on eBay Motors, it’s a wonder that it hasn’t picked up more steam amongst car dealers. The company is trying to change this with further initiatives to let dealers know the benefits and potential gains they can make by listing more of their inventory on the site. Those benefits would seem obvious, but there is still a disproportionate number of buyers compared to the number of vehicles available on the site.

“What I found when I came into this business is we had 30,000 dealers using eBay Motors to sell, which is a lot,” said General Manager Bryan Murphy. “That’s like most of them. So almost any dealer you talk to has sold vehicles on eBay motors. But what they tend to do is only list a handful. And when I asked why, the perception was eBay Motors was just for specialty vehicles and our pricing was too expensive and it was difficult to list.”

The second part of the dilemma, difficulty, has all but been fixed by companies like LotVantage. The listing service makes posting to eBay Motors and other websites extremely simple and cost effective. With the potential higher gross margins associated with selling vehicles online, it makes sense for dealers to promote more of their vehicles on the site.

The site has buyers. For many consumers, it’s the first stop regardless of what they’re going to buy. It’s mobile friendly, trusted, and makes transactions of any size easier. There’s really no valid reason not to post to eBay Motors.

In a recent interview with WardsAuto, Murphy said:

We are a marketplace that puts trusted buyers and trusted sellers together. We’re showing dealers they have an opportunity to sell more vehicles and parts – and soon to come service – to the 155 million buyers in the eBay community. So they basically list their vehicles on the site in a variety of different formats, ranging from classified ads to an auction format to a buy-it-now format.

One thought on “eBay Motors has Buyers. Where are the Dealers?

  • April 14, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    In the beginning eBay was an industry leader with their eBay motors. It was expensive to list individual cars and therefore dealers only posted their specialty cars. Once eBay came out with a “package” deal where you could post vehicles up to your volume, dealers began to post all of their inventory. My experience though was that eBay buyers wanted to “steal” the vehicles and their offers were never reasonable. Cars.com and AutoTrader became the industry standard.
    Of the thousands of cars I’ve listed on eBay I’ve only ever sold a handful.
    Since search engines have become much much better… You do not need to post on every single provider site.
    A good corporate site and two major sites are all you need.
    RIP eBay motors!


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