Four A’s, One B Given to the Jeep Grand Cherokee Car Seat Assembly

Jeep Grand Cherokee Infant Seat

SUVs are notorious for having less than stellar ratings for their infant seat compatibility. So much effort is put into designing for comfort that not enough attention is paid to the kids. After all, infants can’t buy vehicles and shoppers aren’t always sure how to make sure their car seats are secure.

The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee scored perfectly on its ratings from, other than getting a “B” rating for their booster seat compatibility. This is to be expected; booster seats have always been a challenge for car makers due to the strange way that seat belts must work with them while still being comfortable for adults in the back seat.

“It’s easier to get children in and out of the Jeep Grand Cherokee than just about any other SUV on the market,” said analyst Wilson Verdano. “Speed is important if there’s collision and a child must be evacuated quickly.”

Thanks to higher standards set by the government, the primary criteria for safety is no longer the presence of certain car-seat-friendly items. Most are now mandated. The most important factor now is room. There needs to be plenty of room for getting children in and out of vehicles, particularly infants who are often lifted with their carriers from the back seat.

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Year after year, the Jeep Grand Cherokee continues to be one of the vehicles that can fit three child-safety seats across its backseat, and the model-year 2015 Grand Cherokee keeps the streak going. This five-seat midsize SUV is a great fit for families with three kids looking for a two-row vehicle.

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