How Will a Unified Look Fare for Mitsubishi?

2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Spy Shot

As you have seen, Lexus has put a signature front end on all their vehicles, which give them a unified and unmistakable look. Mitsubishi intends to follow suit with a fresh new lineup starting in 2016 that will feature new grill and fascia elements that will give the entire line a modern and more unified look. This will ensure anyone who sees a Mitsubishi that is a 2016 model or beyond will easily be able to recognize it from the front appearance, and will bring Mitsubishi consumers together with the similar front styling across the brand.

This is not the only big news coming from this Japanese automotive giant. After experiencing a profit in the US, Mitsubishi intends to launch some new models to continue to push profits and see what exactly they can do on US soil, while losses are expected in the Japanese and other Asian markets. The new offerings will be a Mirage Sedan, expected for the 2017 model year, an Outlander plug-in hybrid and a rebirth of the Montero. All three will challenge other automakers with their own variety of looks, affordable pricing, and style that has been modernized and is attractive to many younger buyers.

With the refreshed look and new confidence, how will the unified look on the Mitsubishi lineup fare for the automaker? If it does as well as Lexus has, the results will be absolutely amazing. While having a singular look across the model lines is a risky undertaking because you are leaving out those who the look may not appeal to, the recognition of the vehicles leaves little doubt as to what the car or SUV is that just drove by and allows onlookers to feel as if they would like to see what Mitsubishi has to offer.

Adding the three new models to the lineup will also greatly enhance the opportunity for the automaker. Its apparent Mitsubishi has been paying close attention to the competition all along and sees clearly the movement toward SUVs for many car buyers along with the progress toward hybrids. By offering both the Outlander and Montero with hybrid models will greatly increase the likelihood of a consumer choosing one or the other, most likely based on size, to be their new SUV and the fact Mitsubishi expanded the SUV lineup allows a consumer to have the SUV of their choice without going to another dealership.

As with many things, only time will really tell what the future of Mitsubishi will become, but having a unified appearance across the front of their vehicles along with offering three new models are both positive signs Mitsubishi feels it has a strong foothold in the US market and will continue to bring in profits. With the other markets for the automaker expected to underperform in the near future, the aggressive decision to introduce this new generation of Mitsubishi vehicles might just be what helps keep Mitsubishi profitable for many years to come.

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