The 2016 Mercedes-Maybach: Perfect for the Chauffeured Crowd

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600

For those who do have a chauffeur on the payroll the choice between a Rolls-Royce or Bentley can be a tough one, but adding the Mercedes-Maybach the selection gives another option. As a namesake that is much more mainstream, you may not be instantly recognized as a high roller when pulling up in this awesome car but the Maybach S600 offers as many if not more features than the Rolls or Bentley to enjoy from the rear seat where you will be conducting business or relaxing before an important business meeting.

Maybach started as its own namesake, but a lack of customer base plus the staunch competition from Rolls-Royce and Bentley caused the company to need to partner with Mercedes in order to continue on as a company that can offer great luxury vehicles. The new Maybach S600 has a starting price point of $190,000; let’s see what that will get you as a chauffeured rider.

Seating in the Maybach version of the S600 offers larger and fancier seating with double the knee space of the normal S-Class. Seats offer reclining seatbacks and deployable foot rests as well as a massage function that is based on the principles of hot stone massage as well as very comfortable pillows. The scent you will smell inside the car is Agarwood which many say “smells like money” as it should because Agarwood is the main ingredient in the $1,000 bills.

2016 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Interior

Of course there is a panoramic moonroof, but with this one you can change the look from lightly to darkly tint to either turn down the sun or turn up the stars depending on the time of day you are riding along in your new Maybach S600. While enjoying the look of the stars or the gorgeous afternoon sun, you can also partake in the on vehicle wet bar along with the two fluted Robbe & Berking sterling silver champagne flutes. No need to worry about spilling, the cupholders are equipped with special flute clips to keep these special made glasses in place.

Along with the creature comforts of the backseat, the Maybach S600 gives one of the smoothest rides possible by using the Magi Body Control with Road Surface Scan feature. This is the first of its kind and seems like the car has eyes to make changes to the ride in order to give you the smoothest ride possible when riding along. Everything you want to hear in this car is crystal clear while the road noises are nonexistent in this car.

For those who can actually buy the Maybach S600, “no, it does not come with a chauffeur”, you have to provide that yourself, but the high end features are everything you would expect from a top of the line luxury model from Mercedes. At this price and with a ton of amazing features for you to enjoy when you are heading to a business meeting or out for a special date night, the Maybach S600 offers great comfort and technology for you to enjoy and feel pampered.

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