From the Camry to the Camaro

Kyle Busch Camry

When you want to talk about car guys, most NASCAR racers are genuine car guys at heart and love to be wrench turning garage jockeys whenever they can. Such is the case for Kyle Busch who spends several weekends each year in his Toyota Camry Sprint Series Cup car trying to ward off the other forty-two competitors and find his way to the front of the pack. The toll on his Cup car makes it impossible to use as a daily driver, not to mention the fact the Camry is not made for the street.

Instead of a Camry for his daily driver, Kyle Busch prefers a Camaro. His Camaro is a 1969 model that has been built up by Detroit Speed in order to make it to Kyle’s liking. This meant taking a car that typically offered poor handling and a lack of braking or acceleration, especially with the advancements that have been made since 1969 and alter the car to keep the attention of Kyle while behind the wheel. The car he found to create his driving machine was actually a very well-kept barn find, which is a bit cliché but true, that had only 37,000 miles on it and a thick layer of dust. The only real negative to the find was the blue. The entire car was blue and Busch didn’t want a blue car, an easy fix for Detroit Speed though, so Busch took the car.

Kyle Busch Camaro

After paying for the car, Kyle took it to Kyle Tucker (we may be getting too many Kyle’s in this story) at Detroit Speed Inc. in Mooresville, NC to completely gut the car and “do it up right”. After two years of cutting and modifying this previously awesome Camaro, what came out was a more powerful but no longer classic car that would quickly kick butt on the road and give Busch what he wanted.

The new Camaro, now painted silver with black racing stripes, offered up a 706 horsepower 674 lb.-ft. of torque engine that would easily blow away most everything else on the road. Everything else on the car was redone as well to make it one of the deftest handling machines to come out of DSE in years. The car now matched well to the driver and allows Busch to have a great drive when he is off the track in a classic looking Camaro that isn’t shy about showing off around town.

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