Rides Some Stars Drive

Tracy McGrady Mercedes-Benz CL600

Stardom and fame come with huge incomes and with such a large amount of disposable cash many of these celebrities choose to drive specially made vehicles. A few even make their own car companies hoping to create even more wealth with a business venture with their name on it. Whether you find these cars and companies interesting, eccentric or just plain ridiculous, these cars are pretty cool to look at and learn what is inside them that makes them so special to these owners, even if the only special part is the statement that the owner has enough money to have something this cool.


This rapper from the group Black Eyed Peas started IAMAUTO in 2012 to produce highly powerful sports cars and give jobs to the area he came from. The first car unveiled was a modified DeLorean DMC-12 that was longer, more angular and much more stylish than the original DeLorean. Even though this car does look a bit like a stormtrooper helmet from the Star Wars movie, it has a particular luxury appeal and would have been an intriguing offering for other stars, but sadly little has come of the company since its inception.

David Beckham

Beckham has a super balance between being a father of four and a sports icon and sex symbol. In his garage you can find a Porsche 911 Turbo, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and Ghost, Bentley Musanne and Continental Supersports, an Audi RSC Avant, a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, a Range Rover, and a Cadillac Escalade all of which are blacked out and absolutely gorgeous. His wife Victoria was the Creative Design Director for the Range Rover Evoque and Beckham himself is the Brand Ambassador for Jaguar, giving the family a fantastic relationship with this British automotive company.

Tracy McGrady

This car which McGrady owned is a Mercedes-Benz CL600, an awesome car to drive as a daily driver, but as many celebrity rides show, there are some personal touches and tastes that make this a car that was not popular when trying to be sold. The car is baby blue, everywhere, inside and out, making it less attractive to most buyers. Originally listed for an asking price of $150,000 the price eventually came down to $38,950 on eBay because of these personalized features that are really only attractive to the person they are made for. Even with this lowering of the price, T-Mac’s Mercedes is a very cool ride and for him, was a great daily driver.

Rob Drydek

Drydek came to fame as a skateboarder who has an over the top personality and before he added the Camaro to his lineup he had a very practical fleet of rides. This fleet included a Porsche Panamera Turbo, Chevrolet Tahoe and a Bentley Continental GT. The addition of a 1969 LS3-powered Chevrolet Camaro with a matte-black finish and red racing stripes and rims makes its way to the garage as an outlier that just about anyone would swoon at and fits his personality perfectly.

Katy Perry

At one time Katy Perry drove around in a pink Smart ForTwo with her name printed on both sides in order to draw attention to herself. This megastar now travels as incognito as possible, but this original “look at me model” helped her bring her personality and style to the stage which is now full of upbeat, colorful shows that often have some form of surprise involved. Perry still has this little ForTwo as a reminder of what she once had to do just to get some attention from the now overly adoring fans.

Jay Leno

Leno is one of the most famous personalities in late night and is also known the world over as a car collector. He has actually been a consultant for many cars and reviews unusual vehicles. One such vehicle is the GM EcoJet with is a fully-functioning concept car which was assembled by his own crew of mechanics and uses a gas turbine helicopter engine. This engine runs on both jet engine fuel and biodiesel to make it an unusually powered car that is actually street legal and eco-friendly when powered by the latter. The EcoJet also shows of a gorgeous out of this world style that is futuristic and high performing.

Kim Kardashian

As one of the most covered celebrities Kim Kardashian would be out of place in anything short of the Ferrari 458 Italia she drivers. This white curvaceous car reflects the style of Kim perfectly making it the one in her collection she drives the most. Her fleet is valued at nearly a million dollars a car which includes two Rolls-Royce Ghosts (one white and one black) a blacked-out Bentley Continental GTC and the Mercedes G63. All of this for being a celebrity of realty TV show gives Kim K quite an awesome collection.

Dashon Goldson

This former San Francisco 49ers safety got his love of cars from his dad who drove a BMW 7-Series which was the height of luxury at the time. Goldson himself would pass at that car now, except maybe for nostalgia’s sake as he has amassed a collection that includes a Fisker Karma, Rolls-Royce Wraith and Ghost, Mercedes-Benz G550, Jaguar XJ, Ranger Rover and Dodge Charger with a Lamborghini on its way. That is one awesome collection for this defensive superstar to drive and enjoy letting us wonder what else he could add to such a great garage.

These eight celebrities have cars (one a car company) that would make any of us jealous and yearn for the chance to drive just one or more of their cars, except maybe the ForTwo Katy Perry owns. This is what those who have the money do with their exorbitant wealth they collect awesome cars to showcase around their mansions or in their large and pristine garages. If they are true car enthusiasts such as Jay Leno, they also are called upon for their overall expertise in driving and automobile knowledge. These aren’t the kind of cars you see every day, but instead, ones that are made for these stars themselves to show off like trophies that let you know they have made it to the top of their profession.

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