Prices Revealed for the Special Edition Toyota Models

2016 Corolla

Toyota has announced the two Special Edition models will have extremely affordable pricing for both vehicles.  The Camry will show up with a price of $26,550 and the Corolla will cost $21,470.  These prices allow us to enjoy the benefits of higher end features with better performance parts that allow these two to be limited run vehicles that are both affordable and will certainly be highly sought after in the States.  Whether it’s a great marketing ploy or really a much better version of what is already being offered it’s hard to tell, but the reality is, we are taking notice, especially when the pricing is so reasonable.

As the largest automaker in the world, Toyota knows what they are doing and gives us something to get excited about from two models that have sold more units than any other pair of vehicles in the world.  The announcement came at the Chicago auto show earlier in the year and now that we are on the brink of the models being unveiled for the new model year we see that not only will these cars be truly special but they will be special and come at a price everyone can afford.

The Camry Special Edition offers an upgraded exterior look that adds 18-inch alloy wheels that are covered in gloss black paint accents, a smoked taillight treatment, two new exterior paint colors, dark blue interior trim, standard Entune Audio Plus with Connected Navigation, a smart key access system, wireless smartphone charging and Special Edition badging.  This gives us a Camry that will offers some amazing new features from a limited run, which for this model will be 12,000 units starting in August and run through January.  To add a bit more of an aggressive style to the car you will have to add a $2,000 premium to the price.

Looking to the Corolla the added benefits will be a better looking exterior as an upgrade from the Corolla S Plus.  The new features that will be added will be the 17-inch alloy wheels which will also be in a gloss black finish, the smart key system, push button starting, a black interior with red stitching, a red accented dash panel and door trim, three new exterior paint colors and the Special Edition badges.  For this compact beauty the limited run is even more limited at only 8,000 units during the same time frame as the Camry.

Adding these two Special Edition models the already highly touted lineup from Toyota helps them bring even more excitement to the top selling models.  This is certain to boost sales as the cars are offered in August at the prices listed, which are both highly affordable for nearly every household.  Overall, other automakers need to take note of this move from Toyota which will take their sales of their already top sellers up by a total of 20,000 units combined as there is really little doubt these two models will not actually sell out of the Special Edition models.

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