When You Want Driving Fun, Check out this Car

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51

Driving is something we all have to do unless we live in a large city with a fantastic transit system that is able to get us where we need to go.  For a majority of Americans, and for the pleasure of having the opportunity to spread out on the open road, most of us have to drive at some point in nearly every day.  Whether you are cruising across the country for a summer of fun or you have to make that daily commute to the “salt mines” to make the bacon to feed your family the longing to have a great driving machine that makes the ride fun is a feeling that can creep in at times.

One car that certainly can put a smile on your face and make you want to leave the world behind and just drive is the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51.  I know not everyone can afford the awesome power and performance that a Corvette offers, but if you do happen to have the money for one of these beauties this is the car of choice to enjoy some fun on the open road along with a comfortable driving position inside the car.

Of course, if you do choose the Corvette, you should buy one with the manual transmission.  It’s been show the automatics can shift better than we can ourselves, but then you are robbing yourself of some of the driving excitement that comes with a high performing sports car.  Even though Stingray is not the top level of the Corvette, it will certainly give you a great ride and open roads for you.  We are not talking about taking this car to the track, but instead we are taking it on the open road for a long cross country cruise, which makes this the perfect model for the job.

The instrumentation inside the Stingray is all updated and modern to give you everything you need from a great infotainment system and navigation on down to the creature comforts of a highly supportive seat and climate controls.  The drive of this Corvette will let you feel as if you and the car are one.  With the active and awesome suspension and steering you will find yourself taking corners at speed and looking for ways to make the ride more challenging as you have fun driving in this amazing machine.

Eventually you will have to return home to get back to work, but now you have a great car to drive every day and can remember the fun you had during your cross country tour where onlookers in small towns across America stared and admired your Corvette as you drove on by.  It may not seem like the best cruising car to drive, but when you are out on the open road by yourself with no family to require you’re attention and it’s just you and your car, the Corvette certainly gives you a car that will make you smile.

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