The Toyota Camry XSE has a Lot to Offer

2015 Toyota Camry XSE Red

The best-selling mid-sized sedan in the world has gotten better and better over the years and now has trim levels that reach nearly to the level of a luxury sedan.  The model that get up to this realm is the XSE version with the V6 engine which can start around $34,475 which seems like a steep price for a Camry, but sales figures have shown that we love this model nearly as much as the SE trim.  This higher trim is the one that shows up with a great menu of features and shows that we want a sporty sedan, not just one that will carry us on the commute.

Strangely enough Toyota has brought us a top line Camry that is slower than the previous version.  The XSE will make the run to sixty mph in 6.1 seconds while the SE was able to do the same in 5.8 seconds in the 2012 model.  Part of the reason for this can be the additional 100 pounds that is in the new Camry.  Even though its heavier and a slight bit slower the new Camry is a lot of fun to drive and gives us a car that proudly continues to carry the stalwart Camry name forward.

The 3.5-liter V6 is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission which is great for the Camry XSE.  This nice mid-sized sedan give you 268 horsepower to enjoy and makes a reasonable fuel mileage of 21 city/31 hwy mpg.  The XSE does offers an inline four-cylinder offering that shows up with 178 horsepower and a fuel mileage of 25 city/35 hwy mpg to give a great fuel mileage to enjoy and with the Sport model this Camry can be a lot of fun to drive and offers one of the most dynamic rides for the price in this class.

Even though the price for this car seems like a lot the car offers full LED headlights with darkened headlight covers, a more aggressive front grill with piano black trim, two-toned 18-inch wheels, dual exhaust outlets, heated front seats covered in leather, paddle shifters, a navigation system, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts, a ten speaker sound system, lane departure warnings, a pre-collision system, automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control.  All of this gives you a really good idea why this model of the Camry is so much more than the base model.

For those of you Camry owners who want a bit more from your car, the new Camry XSE is exactly what you need.  In a quiet cabin full of great features and equipment you can fully enjoy the awesome feeling of power and engagement from the driving of this awesome and longstanding name in Toyota excellence.  The Camry has been the best-selling sedan for many years and with this model that adds more power and features the Camry will certainly fly off dealer lots all year long and for many years to come.

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