The Land Rover Discovery Sport Might Be More than You Need

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Are you ready for a vehicle that makes camping trips a weekend of ease?  Do you think you need a vehicle that can handle rough terrain just to get to the remote destination you are trying to get to?  The reality is many times the capabilities of the Land Rover Discovery Sport are wasted in the outdoors.  That alone may seem like an odd statement, but the reality is unless you are going into terrain that has no path already built these capabilities are more than you will need. 

Although you might not be able to use the full menu of off road features available on the Discovery Sport you certainly can enjoy the ride.  This SUV is just as much at home handling your daily duties of being an awesome crossover SUV for everyday use that provides comfort, style and fuel efficiency to give you a fantastic ride.  Because it offers all these amazing features the Discovery Sport shows off with the ability to do everything you want it to, so if you are looking for a do it all, go anywhere vehicle, this is certainly one to keep in mind.

As for the power under the hood, the Discovery Sport gives you a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that can bring you as much as 240 horsepower and 251 lb.-ft. of torque.  This great engine is attached to a phenomenal nine-speed automatic transmission and gives you a fuel mileage of 20 city/26 hwy mpg to enjoy.  As an all-wheel drive SUV the Discovery Sport certainly allows you to go wherever you want, but the comfortable ride that is the result of a suspension that gets the job done, is what makes this vehicle one that is great for every drive.

As one of the highest in luxury vehicles on the market, the Discovery Sport offers a great place to ride from.  The cabin is spacious and comfortable with a great deal of style and high end materials to make the ride even more pleasant.  For the driver there are plenty of great controls and dials to utilize to make the ride exactly what is needed on a variety of terrains.  This interior is not overdone which makes it more enticing yet, with only what you need to have the right drive with great features and a visibility that allows the driver to stay in control on all terrains.

Even though the Land Rover Discovery Sport offers more off road equipment and capabilities than many other SUVs on the market the best part of this SUV is on to the pavement and not on the trails, at least that is where you will enjoy the ride the most.  With some crossovers lacking the off road abilities you find necessary and others not having the pavement manners desired, it’s refreshing and exciting to see a crossover SUV that has both in order to give you a great ride and all the capabilities you need no matter where you drive the vehicle.

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