The Teaser Revealed

Nissan Gripz Concept

About a month ago Nissan teased us with a shadowed view of a concept photo of what was expected to be a compact crossover SUV that would be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show.  While the photo did spurn a great deal of speculation about what the vehicle would be the real thing from a design standpoint is certainly more than could be expected.  This new concept that has been revealed is the Nissan Gripz Concept which is expected to eventually become a production model put Nissan well in the lead for sporty, mainstream, compact crossovers.

The Gripz was built to show us what can be done with the market that has grown for the small SUVs that are barely larger than many cars.  This concept shows up with interest and attraction at every angle of the vehicle.  The power for the new Gripz Concept is the same as what is found in the Leaf but it’s attached to a gasoline power generator.  The power for this vehicle is only 107 horsepower and 187 lb.-ft. of torque which sounds tiny, but Nissan claims it enough to give the Gripz plenty of zip and have the smooth power to provide you with a great driving experience.

The idea for this came from the popularity and success of the two compact models Nissan currently has which are the Qashqai and Juke.  The feeling when the original picture came out was that this would be a vehicle to either replace this pair of small SUVs or even (God forbid) replace the 370Z.  Nissan leadership has dispelled those rumors outright stating the Gripz is to be a vehicle that can be added to the lineup, no replace current models.  The Gripz certainly could put a huge lead on the Nissan lineup over the other manufacturers who will be scrambling to catch up and find a design just as dynamic and attractive.

What catches your eye right away for the Gripz is the geometric design that is in place.  It looks as if there are no curves to the vehicle at all while in actuality there are many curves that are really sharp lines all blended together to give an intriguing and alluring shape.  The front features the V-motion grill that seems to have three or four layers to it.  If you wonder how 107 horsepower is going to propel this vehicle to speeds, check out the massive amount of carbon fiber that has been used to build the Gripz and you will have your answer in hand.

Carrying the load is a set of three spoke 22-inch wheels that are futuristic in their design, exposing the brake calipers in a highly attractive fashion.  The doors swing in a different manner as well.  This SUV has no B-pillar which means the rear doors have to be rear hinged, but the real treat is the front doors that swing out and up.  With a back and front door open you can see the dramatic effect this vehicle can bring.  The interior is adorned in orange and gray with the appearance of a serious sports vehicle that should be racing across the desert dunes.

The new Nissan Gripz is certainly a concept vehicle well worth admiring and now that it has been revealed by Nissan we will get to see how this will come into production in the next few years.  The Nissan leadership admitted they wanted to see what the public reaction would be at this show; other than a questionable amount of power I would say it appears they have hit a home run.

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