Buick Is Still Regal

2016 Buick Regal

Rarely is the adjective regal used to describe anything but royalty and those who carry themselves in a quiet and dignified manner.  Seldom can a car personify the very definition of that word either, as it typically means magnificent or suitable for a king or queen, but somehow one car has managed to step up to the plate.  Buick’s Regal sedan is the bastion of regality with its quiet class and stately appearance.  So while this vehicle may be fit for a king or queen, it is made to fit the budget and needs of the every man.

Since 1973, Buick has been producing the Regal, marketed as a mid-size sedan, but they ceased production in 2004.  When the Regal reemerged in 2011, Buick set out marketing it as a luxury sport sedan, something a little bit peppier and finely tuned than its predecessor.  The latest Regal is meant to pull a younger audience towards the brand, as the Buick is commonly known as a popular vehicle for an older generation of people.  It’s clear that Buick’s marketing has been angling for a younger generation with fun and funky commercials, sportier models, and a whole new attitude.

The new Regal is available in five different trim levels, each one with its own distinct design and set of features.  The GS model is outfitted with sport accents like a dual chrome exhaust, rear deck lid spoiler, and alloy wheels, while the 1SV is the base model version that features a four-cylinder engine, keyless entry, and a backup camera.  Four of the five models have available all-wheel drive, almost unheard of in traditional sedans, but not in luxury models, thus cementing the Buick Regal’s status as a luxury sedan marketed for a younger generation.

Take one look at the interior of the Regal, and any doubt about its luxury status will fly right out of your head.  Is it the color driver information center, that features gas gauges, the speedometer, odometer, oil pressure, and a 4 inch display that feeds the driver pertinent information about their vehicle in a convenient location?  Is it the heated front seats available standard on even the base model?  It could very well be the digital readout speedometer on the GS model, or any of the other standard features in the Regal that make you feel every bit like the royalty you should.

Performance hasn’t always been the specialty of the Buick brand, it may have started out as a priority but the importance of a high performance vehicle faded somewhere in the middle.  Currently, it’s clear that power is a big deal for the Buick brand, especially in the Regal.  Even with the four cylinder engine, the Regal maximizes power while still maintaining an efficient drive so the gas stations will fly by as you’re cruising down the highway. Maxing out your Regal with a V6 and all-wheel drive guarantees the power to zip through the curves and the control to maneuver them.

Technology in a vehicle is something that has become increasingly important, and Buick manufacturer, GM, is well aware of that importance.  They’ve added mobile wi-fi to almost all of their vehicles, so you can surf the web without using up all the data on your cell phone plan.  With Intellilink, you can customize your center console to make all your favorite features available on the touchscreen display, and access it with your voice.  2016’s edition of the Regal also comes with Apple Car Play which basically puts all the functions of your iPhone at the tips of your fingers.

What is a fast car without the guarantee of safety to back it up?  No one wants to feel vulnerable in their new car, especially when they’re trying to see what it can do.  The Regal has optional Blind Zone Alert which displays an image on your side view mirror when a car travels into your blind spot, and Lane Change Alert that can tell you if you’re about to switch lanes safely as it uses radar to detect cars in the vicinity.  In the instance that you’re following too closely to the car in front of you, there is also the option of a collision detection system that will issue two different warnings.  Safety and security are all part of the Regal package.

If a new vehicle is on the horizon for you, consider a Buick Regal.  There is a reason that Buick’s are picking up steam with the younger crowd, and this is because it’s built for speed and to embrace your youth.  Let the Regal show you what it can do!

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