A Look at the Chevrolet Colorado in Diesel Form

Chevrolet Colorado

One of the missing pieces, when the Colorado and Canyon came back to the GM lineup, was a diesel powered version.  Both trucks immediately made a huge impact on the marketplace and gave us vehicles that are stellar at being midsized workhorses capable of heading out to the off road territories when called upon to do so, but the diesel was not offered right away.  For the 2016 model year, there will be a diesel powertrain for both of these amazing trucks to let you have much more power and a better low end feel that gets the work done.

This new truck with the diesel engine can certainly appear too small for the job when pulling things like a horse trailer or a motor home, but with a 7,700-pound towing capacity it’s certainly up to the task.  This towing is the result of the 2.8-liter inline four-cylinder Duramax turbo diesel engine that puts out a strong 369 lb.-ft. of torque to allow you to haul whatever you need.  This certainly allows the Colorado to be a workhorse that is a mighty mite as it’s all packed into the small size.

With some trucks towing up and down hills can be a challenge, but the Colorado is well designed to the point of having plenty of power for the uphill climb and the control of the trailer brake controller, exhaust brake system and the dynamic six-speed automatic transmission that can manage the gears properly when in tow-haul mode.  All these systems work together to ensure you won’t go careening out of control when hauling your load down a hill whether on the road or out in the wilderness.  These tools certainly can make the Colorado a favorite on the ranches out west.

With the 4WD installed, once you are done hauling for the day this truck is ready for some fun and can roll through mud and muck with the low-end power ease that you want your Colorado to have for you.  As a 481 horsepower beast, this small sized power player certainly makes it easy to enjoy the ride and has the right size to fit just about anywhere in the outdoors.  You can take on whatever trails you choose with confidence in order to make sure you have a great time and come back safe and sound.

Now that we see the GM pair have a great turbocharged diesel power plant they can be proud of that offers more power than some full-size trucks what will the response be?  I’m not sure other truck makers have the answer for this one, but as truck lovers we can certainly flock to the Chevrolet dealerships and enjoy the awesome power and performance that comes in a truck that will give you a great ride and just the right size to fit in nicely in traffic or out in the wilderness.  Never let anyone tell you this truck can’t get it done, it’s made for the challenge and certainly will step up and show what muscle really is.

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