Look At the i3 Now!!

2016 BMW i3

The BMW i3 gives us something cool to think about and drive in the luxury hatchback world.  Even though this is a small hatchback that would seem to garner very little attention, the fact that it’s an electrically powered vehicle that offers good range that can be boosted with a gas powered range extender.  This little beauty offers doors that open in a unique fashion and plenty of style to make it a car we want to drive and certainly gives us even more to talk about.

In order to have more to discuss, as if there wasn’t enough already, the i3 will come in a new Shadow Sport Edition for 2016.  This car adds an electrically powered sunroof that is dual paned with individual shades when needed.  this version of the i3 is currently the only model that will offer a sunroof.  If you want one that is all-electric you do need to order one quickly because there will only be fifty of these offered in the electric only models.  The models with the range extending engine will also have this feature for the Shadow Sport Edition and be more available soon.

For a small hatchback that has the style and the beauty of the i3 this is a car you can really enjoy showing off.  This little car has doors that open much like an extended version cab pickup truck to give easier access to the rear seat.  With a short wheelbase and the versatility you want from the hatchback model you can enjoy the fun of driving and the ability to carry the items you need to wherever you go.  Taking this car in the city is a driver’s delight as you maneuver easily around the rest of the traffic to make your way easily to your next destination.

Not only is the Shadow Sport Edition one that has a sunroof, but the car is all-black with a dark gray interior that is trimmed in the BMW blue.  This gives the car a gorgeous and villainous look that can be described as both sinister and sophisticated to become a villain you might actually root for on the screen.  Instead of just enjoying the fun features of this car you can show off the attractive qualities of the i3 with elegance and style that certainly can make this hatchback a surprising hit of any ball.

The i3 is a BMW that might surprise you with the price.  As a small car in the lineup you might expect to pay only a little, but this is a highly advanced car for you to drive and appreciate.  Even with that said, the price is affordable at $43,395 for the base version of the car, $47,245 for the gas powered models that take the 81 mile range up to 150 miles and the $48,395 price that shows up for the Shadow Sport Edition of the car.  With this little bump in price it seems like a no-brainer in order to find the Shadow Sport Edition parked in your driveway.

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