A New Luxury Brand that Puts the Germans on Notice

12.15.15 - 2017 Genesis G90

We have luxury brands from all over the world.  Germany seems to house a few of the names that have been the most highly acclaimed of the luxury brands in the world with the names of BMW, Mercedes- Benz and Audi being the three we hear the most about and for good reason.  The cars from these brands have been expertly crafted and engineered to be some of the most engaged driving machines on the road for many years.  With that said, these three brands need to pay attention to what is happening under the Hyundai roof in Korea as do all other luxury brands in the world.

What has happened over the past several years is we have gotten to an acceptance of the Genesis and Equus from Hyundai being the luxury models that have carried success for the brand.  In the same way I can imagine other luxury brands being born, Genesis is now going to be its own brand as the luxury branch of Hyundai and will offer their first flagship sedan in 2017 called the Genesis G90 that will be the replacement for the Equus to be the beginning of something exciting for us to enjoy.

In Korea this car will be called EQ900 while it will be the Genesis G90 everywhere else and this car will be the flagship sedan to be one of the best luxury offerings on the road.  WE will get to see a brand new design that offers a fresh new look which leaves the Equus behind.  To go along with the look and feel of the car there will be a great deal of incorporated technological features to give us one of the most impressive lists of features to enjoy from every seat in the car.

What we will expect to see on this car includes advanced smart cruise control, lane keep assistance, adaptive dampers, highway driving assistance and a seating system that has been developed to automatically place the seat, steering wheel, outside mirrors and head up display in the best position for your body.  Currently these features are only offered on the Korean market but expectations are these features will be offered on the G90 when it makes its way across the Pacific to be sold in a wide variety of new Genesis dealerships beginning in 2017.

Other features you will see include the automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, blind spot detection, a driver alert system ,automatic smart high beams and an around view camera.  The interior will be adorned in beautiful leather upholstery with wood trim throughout the car.  You will see a 12.3- inch touchscreen infotainment screen in the center of the console to control the Lexicon Sound System. There is also a cell phone charging system along with three automatic climate control zones and a pair of rear seat entertainment screens to keep your passengers in the back seat happy and engaged.

Under the hood you will be able to choose between three gasoline power plants beginning with a 3.3-liter twin turbocharged V6, a 3.8-liter V6 or a 5.0-liter V8.  The 3.8 will give you 310 horsepower while the turbo offers 364 and the V8 gives you 419.  With the V8 engine under the hood the G90 will be able to reach sixty mph in less than 5.7 seconds while the 3.8 will reach this mark in 6.9 seconds and the turbo does the job in 6.2 seconds.  All three engines make use of an eight-speed automatic transmission that can be set up as RWD or AWD to give you the drive you want to enjoy.

As a large and luxurious flagship sedan the G90 will offer some of the most impressive features for executives to impress their clients.  You will be able to enjoy the amazing features and wonderful driving of this new brand and brand new car that will carry the name to start the Genesis brand off with a bang.  Other brands should pay attention and begin to look to making their cars much better in order to stay competitive with the new Genesis brand that shows it will be a name to be reckoned with as we move forward in the automotive industry.

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