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12.26.15 - Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Are you an automotive enthusiast? If you are and know you want to see a wide variety of vehicle that have made up the automotive history of the world there are several museums you should visit, or at least make some time for if you are in the area of them.  Some of these certainly should be on your list to visit as part of your lifelong goals as a car enthusiast.    When you want to enjoy some history and some fun in the realm of automobiles these are the locations you should visit.  You can find yourself lost in the wonderment of these museums to learn as much as you can and enjoy the various attractions.

Petersen Automotive MuseumThis museum is located in Los Angeles, CA and has been recently reopened after being closed for many years.  This location is considered to be the only place you can see a BMW 3.0 CSL Art Car and a Pontiac Aztek in the same place.  Although the Aztek doesn’t seem like a museum worthy offering, this one was driven in Breaking Bad and then donated to the Petersen museum to be put on display for us to admire.

Antique Automobile Club of America MuseumYou can find more than chocolate in Hershey, PA which is also the home to this great museum.  This location is said to have the most extensive Tucker collection in the world which includes three of the 51 Tucker 48s that were built and several different engines and chassis.  Add to that the extensive collection of Pre-War vehicles that are rare and hard to find and you will easily spend an entire day admiring what you have found.  Of course once you are done you can enjoy the sweet offerings that make the mark of the Hershey area.

National Corvette MuseumThis museum is great for anyone who loves the Corvette and its extensive history.  Located in Bowling Green, KY this museum offers you the ability to see some of the most famous and important developments in Corvette history.  The fact that a giant sinkhole developed in 2014 has made this location even more infamous and there is even a display as a tribute to this event in the museum.  The sinkhole ate up eight Corvettes, but many of them, even the millionth model have since been restored back to their original glory for you to admire and enjoy.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of FameThe hallowed ground this museum is built on makes for a great choice for admiration and enjoyment.  Located at the Speedway in Indianapolis, IN, which is home to the Indy 500 this museum is a wonderful collection of great racing cars to ever grace the track on the Formula 1 circuit.  Names liked Jim Clark and AJ Foyt are memorialized in this historic sight which can be a great part of the weekend if you make a trip here to be able to enjoy one of the most famous races of all time, the Indianapolis 500.

The Henry FordAlthough you might immediately think this is a collection of Fords this museum actually celebrates the entire automotive world.  This is a great place to read and enjoy the stories of how American became a driving nation instead of one that continued to use the horse and buggy.  The love affair we have had with our cars and driving is fully documented along with a collection of Henry Ford early racing cars to be enjoyed and admired.  This museum is located in Dearborn, MI to make your trip to the mecca of the automotive world complete.

Lane Motor MuseumNow this is a location that you will find a great menu of odd cars to check out.  You can see the Helicron which is a car with a huge wooden propeller, a 1951 Hoffman which bears the distinction of being the worst car every made.  With other oddities of the automotive world offered in this museum you can enjoy the trip to Nashville, TN, which has a lot to offer including this amazing museum.  This museum is founded by Jeff Lane who drove his Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion car 650 miles just to give you an idea that is also a true car guy.

Larz Anderson Auto MuseumWhen you walk up to this museum you will feel like you are visiting a highly expensive home in Brookline, MA.  This is considered to be the oldest car collection in the US and offers some of the most amazing cars to ever be put on the road.  There is a full collection of motorcycles as well for you to admire on the ground floor to give you a secondary history.  Not only is this one of the most intriguing museums of vehicles but it’s also a scenic and historic area to visit.

Mullin Automotive MuseumWith this car museum fixed in the area of Oxnard, CA the focus is on only one type of car.  If you admire the French cars from the Art Deco period this is the place to go.  You can visit and learn all you want about the Bugattis, Delahayes, Talbot-Lagos and Voisins of the era that offers you a fantastic story of a period of cars that had superior style.  The elegance and attraction of this fantastic museum will be evident as soon as you step inside and begin your tour to a time gone by of large and gorgeous cars.

Simeone Foundation Automotive MuseumDoes Philadelphia, PA make you think of race cars?  Even if it doesn’t this is the location of this museum that offers a large collection of some of the most impressive race cars ever made.  You can be amazed by a 1911 Stutz Bearcat, a 1970 Porsche 917 LH, one of the six original Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupes, a Ferrari 250 GTO and many more.  The history and record of each car is on display to amuse and entertain you with this awesome collection.

National Automobile MuseumLocated in Reno, NV this museum is one of the best collections of cars in the world and is the home of the only genuine Dymaxion car in existence.  You don’t need too many excuses to go to Reno, NV, but the ability to visit this museum filled with amazing automotive history is certainly a good one for you to use.  You will find the winner of the 1908 New York to Paris auto race and the 1949 Mercury that was driven by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause when you come and visit this wonderful site of automotive history.

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