Is the Versa the Least Expensive Car in North America?

01.24.16 - 2016 Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa is a car that starts out its life at just $11,990 and is sold in the US as the least expensive car on the market. This price is nearly a throwback to the 1990s as most of the time you don’t see cars under $20,000 on sale here very often. While the Versa is a car that we can celebrate as the least expensive car we have there is one that is even lower in price that is sold in Canada but not here in the US at all.

This car is the Nissan Micra which shows up in Canada for only $7,000 when purchases new. It seems like you can’t even get a good used car for that price, but Nissan offers this budget-friendly hatchback to Canadians to have a great car to drive throughout their large cities making it much easier to weave in and out of traffic. This car brings in a tiny engine at a 1.6-liter four-cylinder build that brings in 109 horsepower for those who want one to enjoy, making it an efficient and fun car for the residents to the north of us to truly appreciate and enjoy driving.

The interesting part of the Micra, because otherwise it’s just a boring and low priced hatchback, is the fact that Nissan runs a racing series just for this car called the Nissan Micra Cup. This year will mark the second season for this series which has given Nissan the thought to create a special edition model of the Micra to have a much better racing car for those who are excited by the possibility of taking their Micra to the track to see what it can do against other cars of the exact same build.

The track editions of the Micra feature the same engine as the standard hatchback but add larger brakes, an upgraded suspension, a performance exhaust, rolling stock and a cabin that has been stripped down and fitted with racing bucket seats. The interior also features five point harnesses and a full roll cage to help keep racers safe inside the vehicle. These racing ready cars are of course a little more expensive than the standard Micra, giving us a car that is track ready and made from a small build to give racers the chance to match up with identical equipment.

During the first year the racing of the Micra Cup only took place in the province of Quebec, but for this second year there will be racing in Ontario as well. For those who want to enjoy the Micra Cup car without the track features so that it can be driven as a daily driver Nissan is offering a Micra Cup Limited Edition that will be offered in showrooms in Canada very soon. This new model will offer eight-spoke fifteen-inch alloy wheels, exterior graphics and a plaque singed by last year’s Cup Series champ. There will only be 250 of these models made to be sold, which is a cool limited edition for Canada to enjoy.

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