How Much Can You Spend on a Car?

02.11.16 - 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

Possibly the better question would be if money were no obstacle would you purchase a car that would cost you over $1 million? While it may seem seriously like a waste of money to spend this kind of money on car we see the ultra-rich purchase things such as large yachts and rare paintings that cost much more than this on a regular basis, so spending a seven figure number on a car might not be out of the question, at least Aston-Martin hopes it’s not a roadblock to their sales of one particular model.

The car in question here is the Lagonda Taraf which for most of its existence has been offered only in the Middle East for the extremely rich of that region. For this final year of production this car is going to be offered to a wider audience, but will still require you to personally import the car and put it under the show and display regulations to give you a one-off car that will be an extremely rare collector’s item. This is such a rare car that even Aston Martin has said they don’t expect to sell any of them, but this is certainly a vehicle that has our attention.

At first look of this car you immediately see that no matter what paint scheme is chosen this car is one that will be gorgeous to drive and will certainly add a higher level of curb appeal to your home. This car has been described as an XL version of the Rapide S sedan, but that is selling it short. With amazing carbon fiber body panels and a wheelbase that is nearly eight inches longer than the Rapide this is a car that is built to be the pure luxury and driving you want to enjoy.

Under the hood you will feel the familiar grumble of the signature engine which is a 5.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 to give you 540 horsepower of raw thrust. This amazing power plant is attached to an eight speed automatic transmission which has been placed between the rear seats to give you the RWD experience that is unlike any other. It certainly should be unique since this car comes in at such a high price and really is one of a kind.

As impressive as the engine is on this car the interior shows you even more for the driving experience than any other you have ever seen. This interior is very much like the Rapide with the same dashboard and switchgear along with some front door panels that are extremely similar as well. The cabin is cavernous and gives you a great at everything around you, while letting you enjoy the highest quality materials possible in a vehicle. The goal with the Langonda Taraf is to give you a car that makes you feel great every time you step inside the which is evident from the amazing features and feeling this car does give you.

If you are someone who is driving themselves in this car you will be greeted with every possible feature you can imagine on a car like this. On the other hand if you choose to have a driver to take care of your needs, this is a car that will be perfect for you to enjoy the rear seat spaciousness and features that make this a great car to be chauffeured around in. The extra wheelbase length over the Rapide is put toward the rear legroom to have place that is comfortable and exciting to ride in and enjoy the ride while doing business or relaxing.

On the other hand, this is a car you certainly want to get behind the wheel of and enjoy the ride with the monster engine that has a great sound coming from it. Even though this is a larger car than the Rapide the carbon bodywork allows the car to have the same curb weight making it a car that feels great to drive and a lot of fun on the road. With a stiff chassis and one of the softest suspensions on the market you not only will enjoy the fun of a car that is planted and well-tuned to take on curves, but you will have one that is capable of delivering a soft and supple ride as well.

Overall, the Lagonda Taraf is a car that will allow you to get away from anything you want, or get into anything you need depending on your desires. Certainly a true Aston Martin product, this car is one that will let you feel the drive and the experience, but the question still remains as to whether or not you should buy this car for the driving you need to do. I guess the answer to that question lies with how much you are willing to spend to have one of the absolutely most exclusive cars on the road.

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