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04.06.16 - Monopoly

Playing the Monopoly board game has been a cultural part of the heritage we have built in America. This popular board game has been around for many years and has been put in many forms to be a fun way for us to enjoy our favorite habit and become a captain of capitalism at the same time. There have been version of the game with sports themes, pet themes, movie themes, TV show themes and much more. This game has been changed to offer a modern style and way of doing business and it has been kept as a classic game that we all know and love. As one of the best-selling board games on the market Monopoly has a monopoly on our hearts and minds.

There is even a World Monopoly Day, at least there is now, and that day is March 19th. As a way to celebrate this new day that marks the game’s history and shows us a way the game has evolved and grown over the years to be a world phenomenon there will be a new piece and a new game revealed to show us what this game is offering us now.

At this point you might wonder why we are discussing the Monopoly board game on a site about cars, but there is a reason for this discussion. In the new edition of Monopoly Empire there will be a piece added to the game to give Mr. Monopoly a ride in one of our American favorites. This new edition is a game that has you racing to build an empire of brands rather than collecting properties that only became well-known because of this game. In this case you will likely know all the brands on the board and recognize even more this new piece of the game.

The new piece will be a Ford Mustang to give us one of the best-selling sports cars ever as a ride for our travels around the board. For 2015 the Mustang was the sports car that led all others in sales which makes it a fitting way for you to collect up your brands in speedy style or it can be the way you get away from the bank after you choose to rob it which can be an interesting twist to the Monopoly game as a whole. Either way, honoring the Mustang as a gold Monopoly piece seems fitting and enjoyable.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Monopoly you have to admit this is a cool way for the Mustang to show up and it just might be enough for you to start playing Monopoly Empire with your family. Of course if you aren’t a fan of either the game or the car you won’t feel the same draw of excitement and anticipation as the rest of us. If you had been planning to buy a Mustang in the future, why not get yourself an edition of this Monopoly game and have some fun even when you aren’t driving.

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