The Power of the Viper in a Truck?

04.23.16 - 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10

In the automotive world it seems there is nothing that is every off limits. We have witnessed all sorts of crazy contraptions whether it be from a tuner who has chosen to drop a massive V8 into a vehicle the size of a Smart Car or it’s a truck that was turned into a racing machine. Not often do we witness some of these crazy events from an actual manufacturer as most try and tow the center line to attract as many customers as they possibly can, but there has been one vehicle that was a blend and offered by a company that seemed to find a place in history to be a powerful and interesting vehicle.

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 was a car that came to light in the early 2000s and in 2005 had a massive engine under the hood. Typically when we speak of massive engines we simply discuss the improved displacement that is found in most V8 truck engines, but this one had a V10 that made 505 horsepower in 2005 and was taken out of the Viper. Instantly you know what this truck had in store for us when driving and it certainly was a truck that led to the imagination and creation of the Hellcat engine that FCA seems determined to drop into every vehicle they can.

At first glance when you look at the SRT-10 that Matt Farah showcases on One Take you see that this is a truck the owner, Rudy, uses as a daily driver, not as a serious vehicle that would be taken to the track. This truck is a quad cab pickup that offers you the comforts you need for driving and even has an automatic transmission which certainly doesn’t signify a racing mindset at all.

What is different about this truck versus a typical truck engine is the high end torque that you feel and enjoy instead of having the low end power you are used to with a full sized pickup truck. The Viper engine under the hood feels like a typical truck under normal conditions, but when the accelerator is pressed and the engine kicks in you feel every bit of the racing engine that is found under the hood to give you a massive burst of speed and an awesome feeling of some serious power from this vehicle that is already eleven years old.

As expected, this truck has a lot of wind sound, but you don’t hear too much engine noise and overall the SRT-10 was nothing more than a truck that has a race car engine under the hood. The truck that Matt drove had 24-inch wheels on it which makes you feel more of the bumps and wheels. This certainly is a different way of seeing the road with the seating being up so high, especially if you try and drive it at much higher speeds than many of the other trucks you would get behind the wheel. Even with this truck you can make this truck work for you just like a normal truck but you will hear it rev high because of the lack of low end torque. Check it out for yourself in this video.

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