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05.01.16 - 2016 Tesla Model S

Consumers are consumed with getting the right item for the money they intend to spend. That is the nature of consumerism and most manufacturers are happy to oblige. We see new products on the market every year and we are taught starting as kids to look for the new or better item because quality counts on everything from toys to homes. One thing in between those two is the car you choose to drive and what features it may have. If you consider yourself a purveyor of quality, you should consider the Model S from Tesla, but there are some new factors you need to consider.

The Model S has been on the market since 2013 and has had upgrades and improvements given to it over the years, but nothing like what we are about to see. Because Tesla has to make room to build the Model 3 and has built this smaller car to resemble the larger and more luxurious Model S in many ways the automaker has discovered they need to streamline their process and find a way to differentiate the Model S in more ways than it already has. This could spell good news for you when it comes to buying a new vehicle from this manufacturer.

As for the manufacturing process, which doesn’t affect you as a consumer, the changes being made are to make the process simpler than before. At the same time new luxury additions will be put in place to bring the Model S to a higher point in the market and make it more luxurious. It seems this would be an oxymoron of sorts because of the simplification for luxury, but that seems to be the goal and we will see soon exactly how Tesla will pull off this new change.

What we expect to see is a visual update to the front of the Model S that will give it a design that matches the Model X and Model 3 more closes. LED headlights will add to the luxury look and you could choose from a variety of new paint colors for your vehicle. These changes to the outside will certainly add upgrades to the car and make the new models ones that have a unique look from those that have already been on the market a few years. This is new for Tesla, but nothing new on the market to have mid-generational upgrades take place on a vehicle.

On the inside the Model S will use the same front seats that are used in the Model X, which will be part of the simplification of the process. There will be an option for ventilation of the seats. Additional storage areas will also be added to the doors to make it easier for you to carry the things you need when you drive on the road in your Model S. While these are so far subtle differences, they are improvements of a physical nature, which is important when it comes to comfort that is matched with the technology of the car.

There is no doubt these changes will come with a price increase and make us wonder why the new P100D isn’t part of the upgrades being announced. While these new features will certainly allow us to have a more enjoyable ride in the Model S, the rumors of the upcoming P100D model have been swirling even though Tesla has vehemently avoided comment or speculation regarding this model being added at any time. Whether they are playing coy or really aren’t going to give us the upgraded version will be left for us to learn later. In the meantime, the quality and look of the Model S is improved to give us a refresh that makes sense.

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