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05.05.16 - 2017 Ford GT

Ford has been around for a century or more and has mostly been a volume sales leader for the United States with global expansion to be a contender throughout the world. Normally you don’t have to order your Ford vehicle unless there is a specific color or build you want, but there is a Ford that you will have to order and the company has already started to take a list of names. This may put Ford in the category of the exotics, but as a company that has their toes in every puddle of the industry you have to admire what they have created.

If you want a Ford GT, which will be out for the 2017 model year, you have to start the ordering process now. It’s already open and orders will be taken until May 12 to let you have time to order this awesome car, but the production run will be limited to 500 cars and the car will cost over $400,000 to make it a vehicle only a few will be able to order and enjoy. No matter, the Ford GT is still going to find its way to many conversations and be one of those cars that shows up on the wall of every teenager that has a love for fast cars that have been built right.

In a similar move as what Tesla has done, but one that is a bit of a comic relief from the serious, Ford is prioritizing the orders to those who have owned GTs in the past or any other Ford product. While most of us have never owned a GT, nearly everyone in America should be able to check “yes” in the box for the question “Have you ever owned a Ford vehicle in the past?” I know there are those that have steered clear of the brand for their entire lives and plenty who only drive Japanese or German models, but there have been so many Fords created and sold that this is not going to really pair down the crowd signing up for the GT.

At this price Ford is assigning personalized Ford concierge services to the car to help anyone who does sign up with the process of buying the car and through the first few years of ownership. Ford is also making customers sign agreements to not sell their car for a quick profit, which should keep the GT off eBay for a while. With eight exterior colors and seven different stripe colors that are offered on the GT the one you buy could be much different from any other on the road.

If you have had it in your mind to sign up for this car that packed in over 600 horsepower while using a high performance twin turbocharged V6 engine, now is the time to get your name on the list and be one of the lucky 500 people who will get to own and drive the Ford GT in the future while the rest of us watch with envious stares at your fortune.

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