Can We Please Wake Up?

05.25.16 - Texting While Driving

If you don’t think the world can see what you’re doing and read what you put on social media think again. For some reason there are several people in this world who actually admit to texting or using social media while driving and the NHTSA is onto them. So far, the NHTSA has taken to sending tweets to these people who admit to driving while distracted in this manner and the message they send is clear; stop texting, tweeting, posting or taking selfies while driving. The question I have regarding this is “how valuable is your life to you?”

Last I checked you only get one life on this planet and then, depending upon your beliefs, you are gone to something else. Do you want this life to end too short of where it could and should go? Are you seriously so engrossed in your social media world that you have to get your post out there while you are behind the wheel? Hopefully you understand the gravity of using your smartphone while driving even for a phone call, which is why many vehicles are equipped with Bluetooth, but even when connected to Bluetooth in the car many people continue to drive while texting or using social media.

Here are some alarming stats for you to understand. At any given moment there are at least 660,000 drivers on the road using their cell phones in a way that will distract them from driving. For the age group from fifteen to nineteen there are at least ten percent of drivers using their cell phones when they were in fatal crashes. If you were somehow confused by the term, a fatal crash is one where someone loses their life and in many cases this meant one of their classmates lost their life way too early. Moving up to the next age group, drivers in the their twenties that were in a fatal crash were using their phone just before the crash at least thirty percent of the time.

With these statistics is it really any wonder the NHTSA is sending out tweets and messages to those who brag about driving while using their phone? If nothing else this is certainly one way to get their attention and let them know they need to just drive and forget about their phone for the time being which can ensure the ability to drive and stay alert to the happenings on the road are first and foremost in the minds of these drivers.

Not only is it the right thing to do by putting down your phone and just driving, but you might just encounter one of the many who are on their phone and need to be able to avoid them so you aren’t a victim of their irresponsibility. Please people, wake up. Put down the cell phones, stop texting and driving and pay attention to the road and the other drivers around you. Your family and friends will certainly understand if you wait until you arrive at your destination to reply to their text or tweet.

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