When it Comes to Tech; The Audi Q7 has Something Special

05.29.16 - 2017 Audi Q7

It’s always fun to see new tech come to market and find it as an offering for the vehicle you want to drive on a daily basis. You may well remember the days when a new car cost under $10,000 as an average, but with the technological advancement along with the inflation we all feel the prices have gone up. Is this technology worth the increased money? Absolutely, you can now have all the connectivity you need in a vehicle to make it a mobile workplace or home on the road for you to fully enjoy.

The Audi Q7 has something that is extra special. Right in front of the center console shifter is the familiar knob that is for moving the mouse around on the infotainment screen, but just ahead of that is a touchpad that resembles that of a laptop computer. This touch pad gives the infotainment system the name of All-In-Touch Infotainment and is made to make your use of the system much easier than it would be without this touchpad. If you feel you want the controls you are used to at home on your computer in your vehicle this is one way to get it.

The MMI interface is used for this infotainment system and the touchpad allows you to enter letters and numbers through handwriting recognition, to use the number buttons on the top for your favorite radio stations and to zoom in and out of the map screen when using the navigation system. This makes it much easier for you to search for and locate what you want to listen to or gather the destination you want to reach through this system. This system will even use gesture recognition such as swiping like a smartphone to make it even easier for you to make use of this amazing system.

This new system will be available on the 2017 models of the Q7 which for 2017 has lost 500 pounds to make it an even more attractive player in the market. This SUV has been a popular model among those who are looking for a great luxury SUV to make their daily ride and have the features and benefits they need to have. As the first vehicle to deliver the technology of the MMI All-In-Touch Infotainment system the Q7 is positioned to continue to be one of our favorites in this class.

Is the Q7 for 2017 going to be the right SUV for you? If you love technology and can shop in the Premium Plus or Prestige trim levels you certainly will enjoy the benefits of this awesome system. This is an SUV that promises more than just a tech update, but a much better overall ride than ever before. Let the Q7 show you what it means to be a luxury SUV as you enjoy every aspect the four ring logo has put into this beautiful vehicle. Isn’t it time you enjoyed the cutting edge of technology? The Q7 is the vehicle to deliver this technology to you.

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