Taking the Race to the Street

06.02.16 - 2016 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Time and again we see the automakers of some of the highest level supercars in the world take inspiration from the track and create cars that probably shouldn’t be driven on the streets, but are legal to drive on the street. Why shouldn’t these cars be on the streets? Not because they are going to careen out of control, but because they are being held back by the rules of the road and the congestion that is created in traffic. When a car is street legal but built to be a racing machine you can bet it’s not going to lose control with the low speeds and slow curves of the road, but take one of these beauties to the track and you will see what it can do.

In a recent announcement we see Aston Martin is preparing to create a new race-inspired version of the Vantage. This was hinted at when they invited customers to attend the unveiling of the new Porsche 911 GT3 by offering a teaser outline of a car that had a large front splitter and rear wing but with no details. This seems to be Aston Martin’s way of playing coy with the public and showing they aren’t afraid of the 911 GT3, and why should they be?

The current Vantage is the Vantage GT12 which uses a massive 6.0-liter V12 engine that makes 592 horsepower. This is a car that you can drive on the street, but its heavier than what Aston Martin has in mind, even though it offers a lightweight carbon fiber body. No, what Aston Martin has in mind is a way to make a car lighter and when you have stripped out the interior, which is the rumor for the new Vantage that will be created; you will have the lightest Vantage ever.

In order to accomplish this goal Aston Martin will have to install a smaller engine in the form of the V8 which will mat this car the Vantage GT8. The advantage of doing this is a lighter overall weight that can make use of the insane horsepower the V8 brings because it won’t be encumbered by four more cylinders. This will also create a car, while only a slight bit, that is more fuel efficient than the V12 Vantage could ever hope to be. The GT8 could also come in at a lower price and just might avoid the gas guzzler tax that we all loathe.

If this is the street legal racing machine you want for your own, you will have to act fast. There will only be 150 of the GT8 made and it will be the first limited edition car for 2016. Aston Martin announced it wants to build two special editions each year as it ramps up the lineup and leaves us to wonder what the other will be for 2016, but for now, the GT8 is the car that you can enjoy from Aston Martin. This car is meant to enjoy the track so let it have some fun in a track setting as it turns heads and shows off for you on the streets you drive as well.

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