2016 Ferrari F12berlinetta: The Must-Have Sports Car

06.06.16 - 2016 Ferrari F12berlinetta

Have you made a bucket list lately? If you aren’t familiar with this process it’s a list of things you want to do, see, experience and enjoy before you die. While the idea is morbid enough many of us think about this at times and if driving an exotic Italian sports car is on your list the right choice to have the greatest experience is the Ferrari F12berlinetta. This car is the height of Ferrari sports car engineering and precision to give you the exacting feel you want and the amazing drive that is perfect for you to enjoy. Add this car to your list and all your dreams inside a sports car can be fulfilled.

The F12berlinetta is a sports car that can give you everything you want. It has the engine, it’s a two-seater, and it even shows off a top speed at 211 mph which is faster than most of us ever dare to drive but certainly dream of being able to. This is a car that shows off perfect sculpture in harmony with the precision controls and the awesome power to be a work of art on four wheels. There isn’t much that can compare with the amazing ability this car has to offer.

Unlike Porsche that gives you several engines to choose from Ferrari offer only one, but it’s perfectly built to give you everything you want from your sports car. This engine is a massive 6.3-liter V12 that pushes a full 731 horsepower and 508 lb.-ft. of torque to the rear wheels. This engine is matched up with the F1 seven-speed dual clutch transmission that has manual controls for you to be able to row your own gears if you want. To aid the power to the pavement the F1 traction control and E-Diff 3 electronic differential are aboard to give you every bit of the over 700 horses that you can enjoy.

Is this a car you can drive every day? Absolutely, this is a car that is soft enough on the ride to let you enjoy driving it to run any errands you might have while also making it easy for you to open up the throttle and have a great ride on a track of your choice. The beauty of this setup is you can have a car that is as mild to drive as a typical commuter sedan but when you push the accelerator down just a little more you will wake a sleeping giant that is poised to strike hard.

The looks of this car make you wonder if it really is as fast as the lines appear to be and it certainly is. A run to sixty mph will take you less than 3.1 seconds and the speed keeps going up from there. To harness this awesome speed you have a car that is perfectly balanced all around that uses a steering system that has been specially built for this car to give it the awesome performance you want to enjoy on every single road.

On the outside of this car you see a perfectly crafted and low slung vehicle that is ready to be the leader on the racetrack. This car is aerodynamically built to be able to channel the air to the sides and decrease the drag to ensure the downforce is perfect and the car can race through the wind. This car looks fast with the perfectly crafted Ferrari lines and wheels and it certainly will not disappoint you as you enjoy every bit of power and sport the F12berlinetta has to offer you.

After you’re done admiring the outside of this perfectly built sports car the inside will continue to impress you with style and elegance. There is actually a passenger information readout that allows your passenger to know how fast you’re driving and some of the other information of the car. There is leather everywhere inside this cockpit along with some carbon fiber parts that make this car look as upscale as it is. The driver select switches are on the steering wheel to help you keep your hands where they need to be during a drive at high speeds in a car that is perfect for you.

Even a standard model of the F12berlinetta offers you a race ready car that is an exotic two-seater. This version of the car offers you a perfectly built chassis, 20-inch wheels, powerful carbon ceramic brakes, the plush leather upholstery, a variety of seat sizes, an infotainment and navigation system with Bluetooth streaming and a USB connection, a color TFT screen for the information regarding what’s happening under the skin of the car. This collection of features makes this a car you must have to fulfill the bucket list item to drive one of the best sports cars ever built.

If this really is a car that will fulfill a need for you, or you just want a great sports car to drive there is no doubt you will want to upgrade it to the heights it can be. Thankfully Ferrari will allow you to customize this car to be whatever you want it to be. You can choose from over two dozen paint colors, a wide variety of wheel choices, custom stitching and materials. In addition to the looks that can be upgraded you can add front and rear parking cameras, electrically adjustable seats, a suspension lift system, a custom fit luggage set, a 1,280 JBL Professional sound system with twelve speakers and the passenger side display so your copilot can enjoy the ride as much as you do.

When you do want to fulfill your bucket list item with this car you will need at least $326,745 to start with. This is just the beginning and adding any of the options increases the price by the thousands and you will quickly find yourself at a price over $400,000 for this car. Is this the car you want to drive? If so, it’s time to order this beauty and let the F12berlinetta show you what driving is all about.

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