Tesla is Continuing to Go Ludicrous

06.10.16 - Dark Helmet

With the recent unveiling of the Model 3 and the fact that this car has already received more reservations with the simple $1,000 fee than expected there is even more good news coming out of the Tesla camp. Even though the Model 3 is supposed to be the sensible choice that comes at a price more of us can afford than any other this is a car that will not just be the mild mannered one of the group, it will in fact also have the Ludicrous Performance mode that is already part of the Model S and Model X.

This is par for the course as far as what Tesla has to offer and certainly gives us something more to imagine. As a smaller model that is made to be affordable adding this Ludicrous Mode to the car will make it a lightweight and athletic car that just might rival the performance of the 3 Series from BMW or the C-Class from Mercedes-Benz. We will have to wait and see what the actual numbers come out to be on the Model 3 with this mode in place before we know if the car will be any match for the two luxury sport performers that we love already.

This mode is what makes the Model S and Model X super quick and allows them to be two of the fastest cars to reach sixty mph in their class. The Model 3 is expected to be able to reach this mark in less than six seconds in its normal version but if you add AWD and the Ludicrous Mode it could possibly cut that number down to four seconds and leave everything else in this class in the dust. This would certainly give us a more exciting version of the Model 3 and probably would increase the number of reserves for this car.

In reality the models from Tesla are not considered to be sports cars. The Model S is a high class luxury car with all the modern technology you could ask for and the Model X is an ultra-luxury SUV that pampers you at every turn. The Model 3 is expected to be a car that offers all of us the opportunity to drive a Tesla and has already shown us a reported starting price that undercuts the new Chevrolet Bolt that will arrive in the market later this year.

Of course you know Elon Musk wasn’t going to leave these vehicles as their basic options and had to add a mode that sets these vehicles apart from the crowd and gives us a lot to enjoy when driving. Adding the AWD and the Ludicrous Mode to the Model 3 certainly makes it a car that we will want to drive and enjoy. If you can picture a Mazda3 with a super boosted engine under the hood you can understand what the Model 3 with Ludicrous Mode just might feel like and the actual performance will be something we will talk about even more when this car is finally on the market.

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