The Auction of America’s Most Significant Car

07.28.16 - Shelby Cobra

Thankfully during the early days of the American sports car world, those who built these cars had the vision to protect their investment and make sure these cars would last for many generations. With that in mind we have seen some of the most impressive cars that have been kept in perfect condition over time auctioned off at high prices to be some of the cars that have lasted and represent key times in the automotive world.

For now the most expensive car to ever make it to the auction block is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO that was sold for $34.65 million at the 2014 Bonham’s Quail auction. This car has its own place in the history of the automotive world, but its record might be in jeopardy. For many years Ferrari models have brought home high auction prices on a regular basis, but in August there will be a car that is of singular significance that will be auctioned off at the RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey. This auction will take place on August 19th and includes one specific model that could challenge the Ferrari.

The model that will be auctioned off, which holds a special place in the history of American automobiles is the first ever Shelby Cobra. This car is the one that has the serial number CSX 2000 and was the one Carroll Shelby used for testing and for the marketing of the Shelby Cobra as a performance model. The story is that CSX 2000 was used over and again for media testing and review purposes, but Carrol Shelby only had the one car at the time. In order to make the media think he had a fleet of them he had this car repainted in a different color each time he loaned it out to the media.

Without this first car we would not have ever seen a Shelby American come to life or the GT40. This of course includes the fact that without this car there would never have been the models that followed after it that wore either the Shelby or the Cobra name, or both. This first car is one of serious significance and it has spent several years in a museum as a showpiece that allows us to enjoy the history of the Mustang and the Shelby Cobra models.

It was always the plan from Shelby to one day have this car auctioned off and have all the proceeds given to the Carroll Shelby Foundation which helps to fund research into childhood illnesses. Now that this car is on the auction block for August 19 it seems the day Carroll Shelby envisioned has finally come, even if he isn’t here to see it himself.

Will CSX 2000 be the most expensive car ever sold at auction? With the singular significance of the car and the fact all the money is going to research childhood illnesses it seems this car is the one that could very well set a new record where Ferrari models have been for many years.

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