Another Model We Don’t Get

09.22.16 - 2015 Audi A1 Sportback

This is getting a bit ridiculous? European automakers have for years left out the US when it comes to some of their models, usually because of the stricter regulations that have to be met to be offered on our roads. It seems that cars which are smaller wouldn’t have a problem functioning in the US, but Audi has a car that once again won’t be offered to the North American market. This should come as no real surprise since the stablemates aren’t either. This new model is the RS1 and it is expected to be sold in Europe starting in 2018.

The two other parts to the lineup that aren’t sold in the US already are the A1 and the S1. The RS1 is expected to be even more fun to drive than those other two and will be another hot hatch that we don’t get to drive. This is a car that will compete heavily against the John Cooper Works models from MINI as well as the Ford Fiesta ST. Not only does this car get to compete with these two, it acts as a nod to the outgoing generation of the A1 as a new generation is ushered in for 2018.

This new RS1 is expected to be powered by the EA888 engine from the Volkswagen Group. This engine is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder model that can achieve 280 horsepower which is at least fifty more than the current S1 which offers only 228. Not only will this little hatchback reach close to the 300 pony mark, but it will offer four-wheel drive to give drivers the control they want from their car on the road. Because of the exceptional control features of this small car you can expect the RS1 will be a car that finds its way on the tracks of Europe in no time.

To make the shifting smooth and match what this car can do it will be offered with a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission to give it the shifting that makes sense in a car that will be agile and quick on the road. The RS1 will likely be offered in three and five door configurations to give Europeans a great little sporty hatchback that can fit a few passengers or offer more cargo space than is available in some other model while enjoying the exceptional ride that is the RS1.

Unfortunately we won’t get the fun of driving this little hatchback from Audi. It’s about time we start to demand the full lineup from some of our European automakers so that we can have the fun of driving these entry level models such as the A1 and the sporty RS1 on our roads. Hopefully we will see this new car on our shores soon to give us another great small car that’s perfect for the fun of driving in the US. Until then, all we get to do is admire the A1, S1 and RS1 from afar and maybe rent one when we visit Europe.

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