Volkswagen Shows off the Concept Version of the New Beetle

10.18.16 - Volkswagen ID Concept

That’s what most have chosen to call this new concept car because the Volkswagen download file is titled “Beetle” but there hasn’t been an official announcement of the name. The simple reality is that this new concept car will be the first vehicle built on the new Modular Electric Platform from Volkswagen called MEB. This car showed up at the Paris Auto Show to give the beleaguered brand a new drive and a new direction to change the course of their own history. Volkswagen is so excited by this new model they’ve said it will revolutionize the industry in the same way the Beetle actually did over seventy years ago.

Taking a look at the new model the car looks to be built as a small hatchback that is shaped somewhat like the Golf with futuristic lines. This car offers you a four-door setup and rids in on silver and blue wheels. This sliver and blue theme is carried over throughout the vehicle to give it the modern look you want to enjoy and the appearance of being an energy efficient electric model that you could see as the right car for you to drive in the future.

From the appearance of this new concept you could enjoy views out every window because Volkswagen has diminished the pillars to as small a build as possible. The roof is one large pane of glass to give you a beautiful panoramic moonroof that will let you see the night sky or the daylight sun however you want to enjoy the view of the world around you. This new concept is made to be all electric and brings the outside world into your space so that you can feel at one with the natural surroundings on your drive.

The shape of the new Beetle isn’t anything like the current version or the original. This new Beetle concept has a short snub nose but not one that’s rounded and as mentioned, the rear is more akin to a Golf hatchback rather than the bubble shape that we typically associate with the Beetle. This gives the car a look and feel which is perfect for the future as Volkswagen is beginning to figure out a new way to impress the world and is working toward building a reputation as the company you want to turn to when you want an electric vehicle.

The goal at Volkswagen is to build 30 new electric models over the next ten years, and this is certainly a great place to start. This new Beetle concept could be the start of something special as the world sees Volkswagen transform from the company that was mired by a diesel scandal to one that gives us a more responsible way to travel with renewable energy use and a zero emissions lineup which is perfect for our driving needs. For now let’s enjoy this new VW Beetle concept and see what comes next as we see Volkswagen transform itself into an entirely new brand.

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