The Odd Vehicle That’s sure to be an Instant Classic

11.08.16 - 2007 Mercedes-AMG R63

Yes, it takes at least a quarter of a century for a vehicle to qualify as a classic model and something built in 2007 feels like it could be just hype because that year feels like it was just yesterday, but let’s take a closer look at what I’m talking about. In 2007, the year before the automotive market dropped like a rock, it seemed like every automaker in the world was clamoring to make something out of nothing and the market was filled with interesting vehicles from all over the world, but one in particular offers us the subject matter of this post.

The 2007 Mercedes-AMG R63 minivan is going to be a hugely sought after classic when the year 2057 rolls around. Why will a minivan, even one that has the AMG name on it, be so popular? Most of the time we think of minivans as just people movers and something nearly every family drives at one time or another, but the simple reality to this story is the fact that this minivan didn’t look like your typical people mover and it wasn’t powered by a normal minivan engine either.

The R63 looks a bit like a six-passenger small SUV but it was sold and operated as a minivan. This vehicle offered you a massive 6.2-liter V8 engine under the hood along with AWD to make it the rocket ship that your whole family could love and admire. While this is pretty awesome to think about, the reason for this minivan to be an instant classic and one that will be revered has nothing to do with the build or with the engine, it has to do with the time it was built and the number of models that were sold in the US at the time.

The R63 was sold in low numbers in 2007 and what makes it even rarer is the fact that this minivan was made for a very short time. The R-Class was made for a full six years but the R63 was only made for one year, 2007. This alone doesn’t make it as rare as you might think, but the fact that only 104 of these minivans were sold makes it seriously rare. Can you imagine in 2057 owning one of only 104 of the R63 models that were sold in the US in 2007? That’s what you would have with this minivan.

While most of us wouldn’t think an odd V8 powered minivan could be a classic model or even considered for such distinction, you can bet the car shows that take place in about forty years will have a few of these models on display as some of the strangest and rarest vehicles that can be shown. If you want to get your hands on one of these minivans and hold onto it for the next four decades, now it’s the time to buy them, soon the current owners will catch on and won’t be willing to sell them to you.

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