2017 BMW i8: Big Performance and a Small Engine

11.14.16 - BMW i8

The i8 has become a more familiar model than it was in the past. This car is one of the most impressive designs to ever come to the market and it offers us a look at what BMW has in mind for the future. The i8 is the halo car that doesn’t use a halo style engine. Most of the top models from automakers use massive engines to get the grunt and the growl just right in the car, but this one uses a tiny engine that’s almost too small for the smallest compact cars on the market.

The power for the i8 comes from the 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine which makes a small amount of power, but helps to keep the AC synchronous electric motor going. This tiny engine is actually able to produces 228 horsepower on its own and when paired with the electric motor you have a full 357 horsepower for the vehicle to use. To go along with the ponies, the twist of this engine is a full 420 lb.-ft. of torque, giving you an impressive power plant that can rocket this car down the road with blazing speed.

Now that we know what powers this mean machine, you can see that the i8 is a sports coupe that makes it easy for you to save on fuel and use electric energy, even though it only offers you 15 miles of electric-only driving, and it looks amazing on the road. This car is built using renewable energy which is one of the main reasons for its existence at all. The i8 leaves a small carbon footprint on the world and still gives you the sporty performance and amazing drive that you want to enjoy when you consider this car for your driving enjoyment.

While there was only one change for 2017, the addition of Protonic Red as a color choice, the i8 has several features that make it a car you can easily admire. The body is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic to give you a lightweight build to enjoy. This material is actually as strong as steel but offers you the weight savings of being only have the weight of normal steel components. This light body is meant to help offset the weight of the battery pack that has to be used for the electric motor. Another seriously impressive feature is the AWD system of the i8. This car can route the power wherever it needs to go for the best grip and doesn’t have to settle for a pair of wheels to get the job done.

This car comes fully loaded as a standard mode. This means the i8 offers you a navigation system, a leather wrapped interior that shows this material throughout the vehicle, HID LED headlights, a digital instrument cluster, rain sensing windshield wipers, front and rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise controls, six airbags, 24/7 emergency services, and the carbon fiber reinforced passenger compartment that can withstand many different crashes.

This is an exotic car from BMW that is meant to be built in limited supply, which means it offers you several great choices for the options that you can have on the car. You can choose to add laser beam headlights, the Giga or Tera world options that offer a variety of colors and accents, a full color head up display, a 360-degree camera system that brings you a bird’s eye view of the surroundings and a pre-collision system to help you avoid the crash and stay protected in case one does occur.

Is the BMW i8 the right car for you? This is a sports car form a luxury name that has chosen to take on the hybridization of a super car that can be the most impressive model you’ve ever driven. With a powerful powertrain and a great way to drive the vehicle that’s fully digitized, you will love what you find when you do make the i8 your vehicle of choice. This amazing sports car lets us see what BMW has in mind for the future while we enjoy the fun of driving this car in the present.

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