Exciting News for the Volkswagen I.D.

11.21.16 - Volkswagen ID Concept

September was the month for Volkswagen to pull itself out of the gutter that was caused by the diesel scandal from only a year ago. What happened in September? Volkswagen came to the Paris Motor Show with a vehicle concept that looks like it’s ready to hit the production line right away and be a great new model for us to drive and enjoy. The new Volkswagen I.D. concept showed us the beginning of the commitment from this company to be a leader in EV technology and offer us the vehicles we want to enjoy on the road. In this way, Volkswagen is correcting errors from its past.

This new electric car that came to Paris showed off a platform that VW hopes to use to build at least thirty models from and gave us a view of the future of the company. No one expects every aspect of the I.D. to make it to production, but there will certainly be some features from the show that head to production for this model. One item in particular are the augmented HUD system that gives the driver more than just a normal Head Up Display (hence HUD) to offer more.

The more is in the form of the pairing with the navigation system and the projection given. Using cameras and GPS location this HUD will be able to project the actual direction on the road path in front of the vehicle up to fifty feet so that you know exactly where you’re supposed to turn. With this system, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road and still know exactly where you’re going without having to listen to the GPS system but be able to see the system at work right in front of you.

The expectation is that this HUD system will be offered in cars from Volkswagen by 2020 to give us the view and display that makes it much easier for us to know where we’re going. This type of display is not expected to obstruct your view of the road or the cars in front of you but blend in nicely to keep your vision from being obstructed while driving. This could be one of the most advanced solutions to your driving needs that have ever hit the market and is only the first step in the new look and feel of Volkswagen.

The brand that was dropped from grace only a year ago should be able to regain respect and become a leader in the EV market with technological features such as the augmented HUD system that will help us navigate where we need to go. From where I sit, the Volkswagen I.D. will be a car that fits in nicely with the Golf or Beetle and is more of what we want from VW to help regain our confidence in this brand. Maybe with a new EV lineup and the amazing augmented HUD feature, we will all eventually forget about the diesel scandal altogether.

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