Faraday Future Has Tesla in its Cross Hairs

11.21.16 - Faraday Future Factory

There’s no doubting the fact that Faraday Future is looking to be a leader in the EV market and this is before they even put one vehicle on the road. The only vehicle we’ve seen all of from this company so far is the FFZERO1 which is a concept supercar that could be a track ready sports car that will ride fast and offer a long range. While this supercar is certainly admirable a car that can actually challenge Tesla is what Faraday Future has in store for us now. The latest car that will be offered from this EV automaker is one that will resemble the Tesla Model X.

What we don’t know yet for this new model that appears to be an active SUV is whether or not the engines of this new vehicle from this China-backed automaker are somewhere we haven’t seen before. It seems like the motors might actually be in the wheels, which is certainly interesting to think about, but this new vehicle, that has been the star of a few teasers, is expected to have some features that mirror what Tesla already has and if Faraday Future has their way these feature will be even better in the FF cars.

The patent that was filed by this company states that a new system for improving acceleration will be developed. This new system could simply be another version of the already admired Ludicrous Mode that Tesla offers on its Model S and Model X. This patent offers a look at a vehicle that could transfer power from the motor to the wheels along a shaft with individual motors connected to each wheel. This would take the power from the single main motor and enhance it again once it reaches the wheels where it needed the most.

Even though we don’t know if Faraday Future will place motors in the wheels or not, this isn’t a brand new idea. Michelin Active Wheels were created in 2008 and these wheels offered in-wheel motors but no car company adopted this idea to have a way to have more power right where it’s needed.

Other notes in the patent show the focus on performance and of having upgrades that can be done over the air, just like Tesla. These notes do have to be different from Tesla and with the idea of an accelerator pedal that can be softer or stiffer based upon the drive mode as well as upgrades that can be given to these drive modes it might be easy to see how closely Faraday Future is to what Tesla has already.

It would be exciting for us to have a direct competitor to Tesla on the market so that we can enjoy the amazingly fierce competition that would ensue from these two as they spend time trying to one up each other. Whether or not this new automaker will be in competition with Tesla will be revealed in January when we see this new model from Faraday Future on the platform at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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