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11.29.16 - Jeep Wrangler Tomahawk

When something is needed to improve lives and give people new items that will help give them more time back, create a convenient way to perform tasks or to just be better than what is already in production, there needs to be someone willing to find a way to bring the item to the masses. Jeep is an American company that has a global reach with their off road read vehicles that are perfect for tackling nearly every terrain and many companies around the world have taken Jeep models and made something new out of them to fit the performance needs they have.

In China, G. Patton has created a model from Jeep Wrangler that would be the perfect solution when you can’t afford to buy the Mercedes-AMG 6×6 but you need a heavy duty six wheel vehicle to tackle the work and terrain you need to do. This Jeep Wrangler is called the Tomahawk and it’s a unique build that we may never see in the US now that the Chinese side of USSV (US Specialty Vehicles) has separated from the organization and taken the G. Patton name with it which was originally used on the Rhino GX SUV.

What makes this more frustrating is how the Tomahawk could be the perfect vehicle for carrying a heavy payload and enjoying the support of a third axle under the rear of the vehicle. This is a model that could sell in some impressive numbers in the US and while it may not ever be produced at all, even in China, it’s an idea and a model that has many applications for rescue work, hard trail riding and rough terrain tackling to be the vehicle that you want to enjoy taking to the wilderness for an awesome ride.

Rather than sob about the fact we might never get this vehicle here, let’s take a look at what it is. The Tomahawk uses the same equipment up front that you find in a normal Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. In fact it’s identical up to the C-pillar, but that’s where the fun and differences begin. Everything behind this point was cut off and a truck bed was attached along with a third axle. This gives the vehicle more performance capability than your typical Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The only real change we see up front is the addition of a supercharger in the engine bay.

One the front of the Tomahawk there is an off-road ready bumper and this beast rides on 17-inch wheels that are wrapped in 35-inch Mickey Thompson tires. There is a strong winch attached to the front bumper to help other vehicles that are in trouble and need to be pulled out. With all this vehicle has to offer the folks at FCA need to find a way to bring this strong Jeep Wrangler 6×6 to the US, even if they have to add it to the Toledo plant and try to build this beast themselves, this is a Jeep that would have a great following.

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