A Wagon with a European Flair

11.30.16 - Opel Insignia Country Tourer

Wagons haven’t been popular on the market for years, but the fact that the compact SUVs are no larger than a wagon and some wagons have the drive you want to enjoy has made it possible for some wagons to make it on the market and even be introduced as new models. What type of driving do you want on a wagon? You want to have a European style of driving, which means you need a car that can deliver this if you have a wagon. Thankfully, Buick will bring you the Regal Wagon which is the Opel Insignia Country Tourer with new badging on it to give you the drive you want.

It will have the TourX Badge – The new Regal Wagon will be called the Regal TourX which makes it sound a lot less like a wagon and more like the smallest crossover in the Buick lineup. This does hint at the possibility that this wagon will be offered with some WD features and have the styling to match the thought that you might want to head out on a dirt road with this wagon. Compared to the standard Regal this car will also have a higher ride height.

There is no Doubt – The TourX trademarks were found to have been filed six months before the annual dealer meetings for Buick, but the official word and confirmation of this car coming to market was not made until the dealer meetings. At this meeting the dealers in attendance were able to get seriously excited by the fact that the Regal GS, Regal TourX and the new Enclave for 2018 were all present. This leaves no doubt that we’ll see this car on our roads very soon to give us a great wagon version of one of our favorite Buick models.

Spring Reveal – The biggest question now that we know what the vehicle is and that it actually is coming to our market is when will it be offered for sale? There are plenty of shoppers who will find this version of the Regal an interesting and attractive model that they want to enjoy making their own. The official announcement has been made, the Regal TourX will arrive at a show sometime in the second quarter of 2017 which makes the target show the International Auto Show in New York next year for us to admire and discuss before heading to dealerships.

V6 Confirmed – One of the most requested features of the Regal is to have a V6 engine under the hood. A V6 option is one that we want to have on nearly every premium vehicle and thankfully the TourX will have one. This engine will be offered as an option beginning in 2018 and will be most likely the 3.6-liter V6 that we’re already familiar with, but it could be the 2.8-liter twin turbocharged V6 that’s been used on the Opel Insignia that we see. There’s plenty of time for us to learn more, but thankfully there will be a V6.

A German Build – Because the Buick Regal production is scheduled to be moved to the Opel plant in Russelsheim, Germany in 2018 this is a car that will be imported to us from Germany and mark the second of the Buick lineup that’s imported from another country. While this seems unusual, the fact that GM loves to build Buick models off the Opel brand products means we will get to benefit from a German build. Although the Regal production will move from Canada to Germany, the plant in Oshawa still will build Chevrolet and Cadillac models for GM.

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