He Drives What?

12.05.16 - Dirty Harry

One of the original tough guys that always seem to have gravel in his guts and a face that appears to have been through more fights than anyone can remember is someone you might be interested to learn about. You might also be interested in what this person drives. As a symbol of the macho male in today’s world guys who come from an era where they didn’t take crap from anyone else certainly has to be a person who drives something that comes with more muscle than we would think should be allowed, but you know a guy like this can handle it.

Who are we talking about? None other than the original Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood who has been in more than his fair share of quietly tougher than the rest roles in Hollywood. As an iconic actor who easily portrays the guy who seems to always get knocked down but finds his way back up and into victory lane many of us have idolized Eastwood at one time or another in our lives. He’s coined some of the most often repeated phrases in movie history and even seems to have taken on some roles that took him away from being the tough guy.

Recently Eastwood appeared on The Tonight Show in an effort to promote his latest movie, Sully. Even though this story is about a pilot and crew that had to make the choice to land a plane on the Hudson River the conversations somehow turned to cars and what Eastwood drives. You might expect, after thinking about his persona that he would drive either a super powerful muscle car from the 1960 or that he would be one of those guys who would drive an old pickup truck that he’d owned for over thirty years.

In reality Clint Eastwood drives a truck that’s a combination of insane power and does come from an era that we’ve passed by in the automotive world. He driver a 1992 GMC Typhoon, which is an SUV from GMC that was faster than a Ferrari at the time it, was made. This SUV could reach sixty mph in only 5.6 seconds and run the quarter mile race in only 14.3 seconds, which was insanely fast for an SUV that came from the early part of the 1990s.  This seems like a great choice by such an iconic tough guy on the American movie scene and one could wonder if GMC will ever make one of their SUVs, like the Yukon XL, that fast ever again?

In fact, the GMC Typhoon is an amazing choice because it’s obviously a distinctly American SUV that can still beat nearly anything on the road or the track. If this is the vehicle chosen by one of the greatest icons of American brash toughness then sign me up. I’d love to drive an old Typhoon even if only to be able to say “if it’s good enough for Eastwood, its good enough for me.” Now that we know what Clint Eastwood drives we can see how his on screen personality translates to his everyday life as well.

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