It May Be Time for a Restoration Project in Europe

12.20.16 - Some Random WW2 Image

Areas of the world where wars have been fought often show signs of those wars for many years to come. Europe is a continent where many wars have been fought in its history. From the early days as borders were created to the difficulty in religious and economic differences to the wars that ravaged the entire world such as World Wars I and II, Europe has been a place that’s been ransacked, destroyed, rebuilt, and then destroyed again only to be rebuilt once more. This continent is amazing in its history and in the fact that it’s been the scene of so many wars.

More than anything, the amazing part of what Europe still has to offer are the buildings, artwork, literature and other items that have somehow made it through the wars and survived. The stories that have been told show a terrorizing man in the form of Hitler that hated anything that threatened his regime in a way that would cause anyone else to gain the knowledge and ability to overthrow his government and take over the empire he was trying to create at the time.

Recently a hidden cave has been discovered where several vehicles that were built in the 1930s were stored. While we don’t know the exact story as to why these vehicles are in this hidden place, it looks like the French might have been hiding these cars from Hitler before the war and during the war. Unfortunately, this mine, cave or whatever it happened to be is an underground area that was riddled with moisture that caused these cars to rust. These cars are still in this underground location and one man has started a campaign to try and bring the cars out of this underground location to begin a restoration project on them.

The question as to who the cars belong to has many answers. Some think the cars were hidden by the government, others by the car owners themselves. Unfortunately, because of the fall of France during the war and the fact that many of the original owners had probably met their demise during the war these cars were not retrieved or restored at all. These rusted vehicles have been in this underground hole for decades, but the history of these vehicles could be retrieved and could be recaptured if the cars are brought back to the surface.

Imagine pulling the cars out and learning who they belonged to. The owner’s families could be tracked down and the cars returned to them, giving them back a piece of the history they lost nearly seventy years ago. This could be an impressive tribute to the people of the area and become a French memorial to the creativity that people have to actually try and preserve something they loved. Hopefully the man who’s trying to raise money for this project will be able to get the money he needs and bring these cars from their graves to bring them back to life.

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