This Car Has Earned its Stripes

12.28.16 - Lexus RC F

If heading to Nurburgring and turning out quick laps or a mastery of the track resulted in the awarding of rank insignia, the Lexus RC F would have earned many stripes and outrank most of the market. This new sports model form the Toyota luxury brand is ready to take on the challenges of the road and the track to give you the ride you want and the equipment you’ve been after for the excitement of driving. To get you started on the exciting part of this car, you will have the pleasure of a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine that pumps out 467 horsepower at your fingertips when this is the car you want.

Track performance isn’t all about horsepower thought. It takes agility, aerodynamics and a presence on the track to get the job done. The handling for the new RC F is enhanced with a new Linear Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) to give you more handling than you’ve had before. This new sports luxury car also brings you a new Scout GPS Link App that connects to your smartphone and offers you the information of the navigation and turn by turn directions you need on the central display screen inside the car.

This is a car that was built based off the RC coupe to give you the stunning looks that you want. While built off this touring machine, the RC F was also built with the track in mind, knowing many owners would be heading to track day events in this new sports car. For this reason the RC F sits lower, wider and longer than the coupe while also riding on wider wheels and tires and having an active rear wing, air scoops cooling ducts and more. This plus the added body rigidity, suspension and performance brakes make this a car that you can enjoy at the track anytime you want.

There are four driving modes for you to choose from to give you the ride you need and the performance that makes sense. For most driving you’ll choose either Normal or Eco modes. The Normal mode feels smooth and balanced while the Eco mode improves the fuel efficiency with optimized throttle opening, engine outputs and the climate control system. The other two modes are what you want at the track. These are Sport S and Sport S + which are both made to give you the impressive performance you’re looking for with this car.

From the luxury division of Toyota, the Lexus RC F is a sport tuned precision driving machine that can be the most fun you have on the road or at the track. You can take this car on a long road trip and stop at some of the tracks along the way for great track days that will give you what you want, or you can enjoy this car as a performance machine for the canyon runs and mountain passes you find. Lexus has found a way to marry performance, technology and fun together in one amazing vehicle to give you the RC F. Let this car show you what it means to have fun from behind the wheel and show off with the performance you’ve been missing.

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