The Second-Generation Chevrolet Volt, An In-Depth Look

12.28.16 - Chevrolet Volt

The Volt has been the poster child of the EV world for some time now and this new generation offers us more range than ever before to make sure we can go where we want to in a form that’s efficient when it comes to the fuel usage. This car is also packaged to impress with gorgeous styling and the equipment you want to have in a car that can deliver more for you than ever. The Volt has entered a great new generation that makes it easier than ever to enjoy this fuel sipping model of a car.

How has the technology improved in this car?

The new generation of the Volt gives you 53 miles of EV driving before the gasoline backup kicks in. You could drive 420 miles on a single full charge and full tank but the expectation is that you could go as much as 1,000 miles in between fill-ups if you charge the EV system on a daily basis. This means you could have the lowest cost of driving that you’ve ever experienced in a new car and be well ahead of other EV models that don’t come close to the range of the Volt.

How is this new generation different than the first one?

The range is longer, as a result of the car being over 230 pounds lighter than the first generation model. The battery cell is 21 pounds lighter in this model than the Gen I Volt while offering you more capacity than before. This lighter batter is able to offer you twenty percent more energy by the volume of the charge than before, giving you a vehicle that’s more efficient and effective than ever before.

How was the new design built?

This new design of the Volt was meant to give this car more attitude and a sleeker style that offers the changes we want. It took the designers more than 340 hours to come up with the look and feel of the Volt that we see at the second generation of the Volt for us to enjoy. There was more time than ever spent in a wind tunnel to find the right shape for a four door car that would have the look and feel desired to bring us the Volt that makes a huge difference in our driving enjoyment. What came out of that wind tunnel is something amazingly gorgeous for you to drive.

How has the interior been upgraded?

The materials used inside the Volt have been upgraded throughout the car to bring a sculpted look and feel in the car. There is an appearance of a flow of the design for you to enjoy the ride. The integration of new technology has helped this car move forward as well with the added integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through the Chevrolet MyLink system. This is a huge improvement to bring even more for you with the Volt you want to drive.

Do you want a car that offers you the ability to skip the gas pump for weeks on end and have a car that looks amazing on the road? The Chevrolet Volt enters its second-generation on the road with the look and feel you want and the efficiency you need in order to have a great ride. This is the car that will make it easier than ever for you to choose the EV models from Chevrolet in order to have the fuel sipping you’re looking for. Come check out this car at your nearby Chevrolet dealer and see if you don’t fall in love with the Volt.

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