Toyota is Becoming Environmentally Responsible

01.06.17 - Toyota USA Headquarters

As the largest auto manufacturer in the world and one of the most impactful companies for the American economy, Toyota has laid out a plan to become more environmentally responsible and friendly over the next several years. This positive impact plan has been outlined and already put in place for Toyota to show a positive change right away. Over the past year this company has already reduced the water usage in North American by nearly 100 million gallons and plans to add a 7.75 megawatt solar setup at the new Toyota headquarters in Plano, Texas to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 7,122 metric tons.

These reductions in usage equate to a savings on the water that would equal what 900 American families would use in a year and the electricity is the average of about 1,000 homes. This is just the beginning of the positive global impact that Toyota is launching. They have announced an ambitious program called the Toyota Global Environmental Challenge 2050 in which the goal is to eventually create a net positive impact on the environment as a whole. This will take consistent incremental changes and improvements to make sure the company is doing its part to ensure a viable planet for the future.

The first three challenges focus on carbon to bring a complete elimination of greenhouse gas emissions from all vehicles as well as from the operations and the supply chain. After that the challenge will be addressing the water availability and quality with the fifth and sixth moving closer to creating a recycling based society to protect the natural environment around us. By doing these things Toyota will create a positive impact on the environment around us and help to create a more sustainable world for everyone to enjoy.

The North American division of Toyota has already taken action to help achieve the six challenges. The makers of the best-selling car in North America, Corolla, started in 2014 with the vehicles, energy, greenhouse gases, water, chemical management, waste, biodiversity and outreach. These initiatives have all helped to make things better for the environment to get us closer to a world of positive impact instead of the negative one we currently experience. Here are some of the highlights from the 2016 report and the different ways Toyota has begun to create a positive impact on the environment:

  • Second generation of the Prius Prime introduced
  • More sales and availability of the Mirai
  • Establishment of an in house EV venture company
  • Reduced water withdrawals
  • Saved over 8.4 million gallons by asking customers to skip the complimentary car wash after services were performed
  • Reduced, reused or recycled 96 percent of the non-regulated waste in 2015
  • 1,000 acres certified as Wildlife Habitat areas
  • Corporate sponsor of the National Public Lands Day since 1999
  • 54 certified LEED facilities and counting
  • Pledges by residents of 4,100 US cities to save water
  • Collection of over 267,000 pounds I household waste for recycling

Toyota is working toward a better environment for everyone with these global initiatives and will continue to spread awareness and programs to eventually have a net positive impact on the environment for everyone.

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