The Sales Duds of 2016

01.11.17 - Cadillac ELR

Every year we have some vehicles that sell better than expected but other just don’t seem to make the cut for sales. This happens every year and with gas prices being lower than they have been in a long time the SUVs and trucks of the world have sold more than ever. It also helps that these two segments have more competitors in the market than ever before. While 2016 was the first year in history that SUVs outsold sedans on the market, there are still some vehicles that just didn’t quite get where they needed to regardless of the style the bring, here are some of those for you to enjoy:

Acura RLX and ILXThe Acura sedans haven’t seen the same level of success that the SUVs have this past year. The RLX and ILX are the bookends of the model lineup and have seen a huge drop in sales over the past year. This certainly gives Acura something to consider when they look for where they can trim the fat from in their lineup.

Alfa Romeo 4CHere is a great car with the drive you want to enjoy that just hasn’t caught back on in the US market. The trouble may be a lack of lineup since the 4C and 4C Spider are the only two options at an Alfa Romeo dealer right now. Hopefully this will change in the future and Alfa won’t pull out of the US market once again.

BMW 3 Series, 4 Series and X4There might be too many choices when it comes to BMW, which means low sales numbers for the 4 Series and X4. The 3 Series has shown a slowdown, but they have still sold at a rate that many automakers would love but for 2016 this car sold at a thirty percent decline compared to 2015.

Cadillac ELRThis one is not really a surprise and seems to almost be the bastard child of Cadillac as it’s hardly ever advertised. The ELR will finally be put out to pasture after only selling 500 models of this car through the first eleven months of 2016. This was a forty percent decline which is enough to stop the production of the ELR.

Chrysler 200 and Dodge DartThese two smaller sedans from FCA have been on the chopping block all year long. Unless a partnership is reached where the cars are built by another company they are unlikely to return to the market at all. The Dart had a drop in sales of nearly half while the 200 declined at a 65 percent rate.

Fiat 500L and 500This sales decline is a direct result of the stabilization of gas prices at a low for the entire year. These two models didn’t fare well at all with many shoppers opting instead for the larger models on the market. The 500 dropped nearly 37 percent and the 500L lost sixty percent in the sales.

Lexus GS, IS, LS, CT and RCLuxury sedans are taking what appears to be the biggest hit even in the best sales year in history. The sales of all these sedans were much lower than expected over the past year, but thankfully for Lexus, the SUV sales are stronger than ever, offsetting the challenges these models faced.

Lincoln MKT and MKS – The MKS sales decline was somewhat expected, but the MKT is a crossover SUV that should have seen increases but didn’t. The decline for the MKT was 21 percent compared to 2015 and nearly every other automaker had double digit increases with their SUVs. Lincoln may need to make some adjustments to this SUV.

Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZThese are two amazing cars that just didn’t sell like they should have. On the Toyota side, the change from the Scion FR-S to the Toyota 86 may have been part of the challenge, but the BRZ has no excuse. The BRZ lost 20 percent compared to 2015 which is significant, but not alarming just yet.

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