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01.27.17 - Jaguar E-Type - 2

If you look at the cars and SUVs of the Infiniti brand and see shadows of cars that have come before you’d certainly be right. There are many cars that inspire designers and the Executive Design Director of Infiniti, Alfonso Albaisa, bows toward a few models that have provided him with the curvature he adds to his designs and have inspired him to create some of the most alluring vehicles on the market today. Here are some of the cars that have been the inspiration for what he’s been creating for Infiniti over the past four years with Infiniti.

01.27.17 - Ferrari Dino

Ferrari Dino – The Dino has been known of one of the most inspirational cars of the past century. This car offers up the curves and style that you see in the cars designed and developed under the Infiniti name, making it a highly recognizable and easy to see in the curves and looks that have been used. Other cars from the 1950s and 1960s have also inspired this lead designer, but this is the one that stood out from the Italians that he seems to feel the most connected to and certainly is one that shows up often in his creations.

01.27.17 - Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type – This car is one of the most attractive cars to ever be designed from any company. This car shows up as one that is sleek, curved and streamlined to be one of the most impressive cars that ever showed up on the roads. As the car that’s typically a top pick as the most gorgeous car ever to graces the roads this is a car that Albaisa saw when he was growing up in Miami. Just seeing this car once is more than enough to make anyone swoon over just how perfect the design of this car has been over the years.

01.27.17 - Lincoln Continental Mark 2

Lincoln Continental Mark 2 – It might be shocking that an American car inspired the lead designer at Infiniti, but this is a car that does just that. Lincoln has built many inspiring and powerful cars over the years and the Continental Mark 2 is a car that was designed to inspire class and elegance over the years. This is a car that was described as being gentlemanly by Albaisa and as he put it, this car offered the proportions of the 1960s but the shapes that came from the 1950s to accomplish this particular goal.

01.27.17 - Maserati Ghibli

Maserati Ghibli – The car that had the most impressive look and feel from an era that gave us one of the best Italian cars ever is this one. The long lines and short rear deck can certainly inspire anyone, especially a man who is the leader of the design team at Infiniti where the vehicles offer some of the most impressive design elements ever seen. If there was a great car that came out of the 1970s, this is certainly the one to choose as it had the style and grace desired in order to give the inspiration that was needed to Albaisa.

01.27.17 - Porsche 911

Porsche 911 – How could you not be inspired by the Porsche 911? This car has stood the test of time with its design and looks much the same today as it did fifty years ago. The simplicity of the shapes and the clean lines are what he admires most about the Porsche as he works to put some of this design inspiration into the cars and SUVs he designs for Infiniti. This is a car that is a timeless classic and even though some feel it’s a bit cliché, this is a car that has inspired many.

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