A Record Setting Parade

01.27.17 - Dodge Ram Parade

Companies have been setting various records around the world regarding the size of a flag towed around a track and how far it’s been towed and the number of vehicles in one place of one time for many years. Each time they do this the numbers get bigger to try and set new records each time in order to recreate the numbers for the Guinness World Record books. As much as it might seem a publicity stunt, and you can bet each one of these new records is certainly a publicity event, it’s pretty cool to see what and how these records are being set.

This past November Ram decided to set a new record at the most famous test track in the world, Nurburgring. This was the location chosen to show off with a parade of Ram trucks that would be the new world record number. The narrow turns and twists of the track offered the opportunity to show off a long parade of trucks that were riding side by side on the track. Amazingly, this is one of the few events that have taken place at this particular track where none of the vehicles came crashing into the wall at high speeds.

The previous record for the number of trucks that paraded around one track was set in Mexico and this parade consisted of 638 trucks while the previous parade of Ram trucks for the record for this brand was set at 451. It seems there should be no problem bringing in more trucks to make the lap and set a brand new record above what’s already been shown in the past. Not only did Ram choose to break the record set previously but they wanted to set a new record that was more than double the previous number.

On November 5th, Ram set up the event at the track and had Ram trucks mostly from Germany, but some of the Ram trucks came from other neighboring countries to create the amazing parade that took place. Driving through the cold November wind along the lap of the track at Nurburgring with flags waving these trucks took off and had a slow ride around the course to make sure they all completed the trek and came to the finish line together. What you see in the video below is a total of 1,152 Ram trucks make the lap at Nurburgring, not quite the goal that Ram set of 1,317, but the total is still a huge new record over the previous number.

What you may notice during the video is how quiet the trucks are and how none of the trucks went off roading through the Adenauer Frost S-bend grass. There was not only no off roading allowed, but also no honking during this quiet, but celebrated parade around the track that more automakers try and tame than any other. Check out the video and enjoy the look and feel of over 1,000 trucks in parade together.

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