What if You Don’t want the Rebel Black?

01.31.17 - Ram 1500 Rebel

The exceptionally attractive and sinister look of the Ram truck that’s received blacked out appearance features is certainly something that you love to see, but what if you’re not looking to move up to what the Rebel has to offer? The Rebel is an admirable off road truck that gives you tons of great features to enjoy and they do come at a price, but not everyone wants an off road beast; some people are perfectly happy with a truck that can haul a load and be able to say between the lines on the pavement during its operation.

Ram came up with a solution to the dilemma of being able to have the blacked out features that you want on a trim that’s smaller and more likely to give you more options than the Rebel. While the Rebel is certainly a power monster that makes for some fun on the trails, if you use your Ram for the commute to and from work each day or for the purpose of having a great truck that will give you reasonable fuel mileage there is a compromise that allows you the benefit of the gorgeous blacked out features you want and the ride that’s right for you.

This new trim package for the Ram 1500 is the Night Package and its being used to start with on the Ram Sport. When you sit down with your Ram dealer and put a check mark in the box to order the Night Package on your Ram Sport you’re in for a serious treat. This package brings you a black grill, black RAM lettering on the tailgate, a black Ram’s head grill badge, flat black door badging, glossy black 20-inch wheels and tires that have black and white lettering on them special for this trim level of the Ram.

The beauty of this new Night Package is the fact that you can have this package on most of the variations of the Ram 1500 pickup. Unlike some of the other special models that Ram has offered you won’t be limited to a specific built, engine lineup or trim packaging, you’ll have the benefit of enjoying the ride in a truck that has the features and power package you want to enjoy instead of just what that particular trim level is offering you as the limited number of packages.

The new Night Package 1500 can be had in regular, quad or crew cab and can have the power you want of two different engines to give you the right power for what you want to drive. These two engines are the 3.6-liter V6 or the 5.7-liter V8 that will give you exactly the right blend of power and fuel mileage. You also have the benefit of either 2WD or 4WD and the choice of a long or short bed. In short, the new Night Package is offered in such a way that it’s available across nearly every trim level of the Ram 1500 and soon to be the Ram 2500HD and 3500HD as well.

Overall, the impressive appearance of a truck that’s been blacked out this way gives you a loo that others will want to enjoy and a feel that you’ll love. This is a fantastic way for you to have the ability to configure your Ram 1500 the way you want it and check the Night Package box without being limited in other ways. This also means we may see many Ram 1500 Night Package trucks on the road in the near future with everything in place that we want to be able to enjoy the ride and have the look we’re going for in the model we love.

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