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Experience the Fun in an Amazing Convertible

02.10.17 - Buick Cascada

At some point in our driving experiences we all dream of being behind the wheel of a gorgeous convertible car with the wind blowing through our hear, the sun beating down on us, and the enjoyment of the fresh air feeling that we love. That picture of freedom, of the open road and of pure driving enjoyment has been depicted in movies for many years and has been part of our desires ever since we learned to drive. When you’re looking for a great vehicle to enjoy this amazing experience, the one you want is the Buick Cascada.

The Buick Cascada makes history and driving pleasure in several ways. As the first convertible model offered by Buick in over 25 years, the Cascada signifies a return to excellence for the brand, helping to make the new personality of Buick more of a reality. This new convertible also offers you what you expect from a Buick, quality and style in a premium package. The Cascada is smooth, elegant, attractive and safe. In fact, it’s the only convertible that has earned the highest safety ratings from NHTSA and IIHS, which makes it an easy choice for you when you want a convertible to drive.

For the 2017 model year, Buick brings a new trim to the Cascada to give you something new and interesting to enjoy. This new trim is the Sport Touring trim, or the ST, and it will be more stylish than what the standard Cascada is. This new trim offers you a new paint color, new wheel design and custom content that make the Cascada even more balanced than before. This new trim is only offered in True Blue Metallic, but it’s also a singular color that’s not offered on the base Cascada, which makes it unique and special.

The first look we had a the new Cascada ST was during the Mile Mitten rally that is a 1,000 mile drive through the forests and lakefronts of northern Michigan. This is a car that was designed to make road trips like this and be an adventure vehicle to be enjoyed. To show off during the rally, the Cascada ST would lower its convertible top, which takes seventeen seconds to lower at speeds of up to 31 mph, giving the driver an easy way to enjoy the sunshine and the look around the vehicle.

In addition to the special paint color for this vehicle, you can enjoy the black cloth top with three layers of fabric to keep the cabin quiet and safe when you’ve got the top up. The wheels are twenty-inches in size and offer a five-spoke design that you’ll love to look at and enjoy. On the inside of the car you can enjoy the Black Magic interior trim that’s’ offers, the sport pedals and a flat bottom steering wheel that makes the Cascada ST feel like a sports car on the road. These impressive improvements blend together to give you a vehicle that’s amazing to drive.

The Cascada ST is not only an enjoyable trim to drive, but the Buick has made the buying experience easier than ever. They have packaged this car so that you don’t have to ask for any options, they’re all included in the ST model of the Cascada. Unless you just don’t like the blue color of the car, this is certainly an amazing convertible to drive that can give you the experience you’ve dreamed about having since you began driving. If you want to learn more about the Cascada ST, check it out at your nearby Buick dealership today.

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